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Act Act V
Quests None
Levels 1
Monsters Slayer, Blood Lord, Demon Rascal
Adjacent Zones Frigid Highlands
Area Level Normal 39
Area Level Nightmare 60
Area Level Hell 81
Waypoint No

Abaddon (Hebrew: אבדון Doom) is a zone of the Act V from Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. This zone is not a requisite for advancing in the game, but it presents a good place for leveling and collecting items. It is accessible from a dark portal opened by Baal's army of demons, in the Frigid Highlands zone, near to the Harrogath town.

Graphically, this zone looks like a part from Hell, with additional features and terrain taken from the River of Flame from Act IV. It's arranged like a labyrinth, but has just one direct way to the final magic chest.

At the end of the zone there is a unique monster and a magic chest.

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