Oblivion Knight

An Abyss Knight

Abyss Knights are a type of Oblivion Knight. When Hell hurls its troops at mortal armies, Abyss Knights lead the vanguard.[1]


Abyss Knights are found in Act IV of Diablo II, specifically at the River of Flame and City of the Damned. They are a cross between the blade-wielding Doom Knights and the spell-casting Oblivion Knights.

They carry a longsword on one hand while having colored light emitting from the other hand. The lights on their hand decides the type of the magical missile they cast. Though they have both qualities of their variants, they do not excel in any particular areas.

Those having an 'orange light' cast fire missiles, those with 'blue light' cast cold missiles, while those with 'green light' cast poison missiles. Abyss Knights with a 'purple light' cast pure magic missiles.

Apart from casting missiles, Abyss Knights can also cast the Necromancer's Bone Armor spell.

Statistics TableEdit

Normal Nightmare Hell
Level 27 57 84
Experience 650 14061 69770
Hit Points 145-194 1489-1861 5460-9100
Melee Attack 1 12-26 42-65 84-131
Attack Rating 1 256 1897 5729
Melee Attack 2 12-26 42-65 84-131
Attack Rating 2 256 1897 5729
Defense 173 897 1879
% to Block 27 27 27
Damage Resist 0 0 33
Magic Resist 0 0 0
Fire Resist 40 40 40
Cold Resist 40 40 40
Lightning Resist 80 80 80
Poison Resist 40 40 50
Drain Effectiveness 100 75 33
Immunities - - Lightning
Chill Effectiveness 50 40 25


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Oblivion Knight
Doom KnightAbyss KnightOblivion Knight

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