"I can't recall if these things were always here or if they were drawn by the island's emanations. They are vicious beyond compare, but I have found, through painful trial and error, that if their idols are not disturbed they will keep to the caves. Their particular evil must wait until I deduce a way to eradicate or control them."

The Crazed Man(src)

Abyssals (a.k.a. Mermaids, also Naga) are a demon monster type encountered only in the Tidal Cave beneath the Greyhollow Island in Diablo III, in Adventure Mode, Act V.


Abyssal Protector



Original model render by Aaron Gaines

Abyssals are a weaker variant of Deceivers. They are divided into two major subtypes: Protectors and Callers.

They are often accompanied by Flesh Harvesters and Amputators, and seemingly can control them with their sorcery. Giant water serpents that deliver Amputators to surface are also likely conjured by Abyssals.

Abyssal ProtectorEdit

Abyssal Protectors behave much like common Deceivers, except for they cannot enter invisibility. Instead, they plainly attack in melee with their tridents. They are rather quick, but otherwise average in the characteristics.

Abyssal CallerEdit


Abyssal Caller

Abyssal Callers are pure casters, and although they do have a (very weak) melee attack, will mostly attack from distance. When they notice a foe, they conjure a water elemental (resembling Hydra) at the location of their choice for 6-10 seconds.

The elemental is immobile, and must be constantly supported by a Caller (who cannot perform any other actions while channeling, stopping the casting will destroy the elemental). Elementals attack in close combat for rather high damage, but can be avoided by simply moving away from them. In return, a summoned elemental cannot be damaged or harmed in any way, only disappearing if its time expires, or if the casting Caller is killed or disabled.