This is the Act II Bestiary, the complete list of monsters found in Act II in the game of Diablo II.[1] For complete lists of bestiaries and monsters, see the Diablo II Bestiary.

Monsters Edit

List of indigenous monsters Edit


The majority of indigenous monsters in Act II are of the animal archetype. Undead are the next most common, with barely any demons inhabiting Aranoch. Since there are many tombs, Zombies are found quite often in the indoor zones. A blunt weapon such as a mace or a sharp weapon such as a sword are the best weapons in this act.

Returning Monsters Edit


Skeletons make up the majority of returning monsters, and almost all of the returning monsters are undead. Skeletons are seen for the last time until Act V in this act. The Blood Hawk, a nuicene in the first act, has returned. They are not all that dangerous in this act either. The most powerful or dangerous of the returning monsters are the Wraith and Vampire. Wraiths will take your mana while Vampires in this act will utilise Fire Wall instead of just Fireball.


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