Amolia was one of the spellcasters in service of the 'enforcing arm' of the ruling Council of Clans. Along with Kethuus and Nurzani, she was dispatched by the Council to track down the fugitive mage Zorun Tzin.

Amolia was eventually possessed by the specter Malic, who used her body to get into contact with the Council of Clans - after which he murdered everyone of them. Though Amolia's spirit was already gone by then, her body was eventually destroyed when Malic found a new host - the unsuspecting priestess, Oris.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Amolia was Ascenian, so had much lighter skin than Kehjistani. Her face bore a startling similarity with that of Lylia, the human guise of the demoness Lilith. Like many mages, she was haughty, egocentric, and overconfident of her abilities.

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