One of the event's possible outcomes

The Ancient Device is a random rare Event in the Desolate Sands of Act II of Diablo III.

It can only spawn in the North or South central areas of the Desolate Sands. This area must be explored in order to complete the achievement Nooks and CranniesLyndo's Journal is always found next to the device.

To activate the device, one must touch the pillar to the left of the device.

This event does not always spawn and has 10 possible outcomes:

In Adventure Mode, it may be a bounty target. In that case, 4 smaller Ancient Devices will be scattered across the desert, each guarded by elite Accursed (can only interact with the devices once the Champion pack is killed). Activating them all (each rolls a random effect) will finish the event.


The event is pretty easy to find because it's a large area, but the spawn chance is not too big. If a player wants to complete the achievement Wheel of Misfortune they will need to interact with all the 10 possible outcomes. This achievement is difficult because all the outcomes are not of equal chance.


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