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An angel
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Angels, a.k.a. Seraphim,[1] are spirits of light and sound and the denizens of the High Heavens. Dedicated to the ideals of order, they are the opposite of demons, and have fought against them since the dawn of Creation.


Physiology and CapabilitiesEdit

Angels are birthed from the Crystal Arch, though only during moments of perfect harmony in Heaven[2] through a process called the Lightsong. The amount of angels the Lightsong can give birth to is finite—it is a case of them embodying a set amount of Anu's power. If an angel is killed, a replacement angel will be created by the Arch, but such an angel is still a different individual from the one (s)he is replacing. While able to be killed,[3] angels are immortal beings though, and are not made of flesh and blood. Rather, angels are manifestations of light and sound, and soar on wings of light itself.[2] An angel can willingly forsake their immortality and become human, and even retain their angelic powers, but such an act does not give an angel access to humanity's latent nephalem abilities.[4]

Imperius wounded
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When wounded, a substance akin to 'liquid light' has been observed to spill from an angel's wound(s).[5][6]

Angels are able to disguise themselves as humans and walk among them.[7][8] In their natural forms however, angels appear to be faceless.[9][10] Emotion is sensed from angels by the movement of their wings, which appear as streams of light.[11] These streams can be used individually, even to bind an angel's foes.[12]

Angels can wield powerful magic.[13]

Angels are capable of interbreeding with both demons and nephalem. Indeed, it was such an act that led to the creation of humanity in the first place.[2]

Beliefs and CultureEdit

Angel Statues
Angelic architecture
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Angels are ruled over by the Angiris Council. While the council has lost members over time, and have had these members change aspects, the council, in essence, represents the virtues of Anu, the Creator. These virtues are valor, hope, fate, wisdom, and justice, and at least initially, were represented by the archangels Imperius, Auriel, Itherael, Malthael, and Tyrael respectively.[2] Each angel that is created through the Lightsong is assigned to one of the domains/angelic groups of Heaven that represent one of these five aspects.[3]

Unlike demons, who war amongst themselves, angels seek to exist in harmony among their own kind.[2] In battle, angels adhere to strict militaristic principles, and believe that only strict discipline can properly restore order to the myriad realms.[13] Angels, and their ideals, can basically be thought of as 'good,' though angels can still take these concepts too far, as demonstrated in the Sin War,[14] and in its aftermath where, with the Great Conflict having reached stalemate, such dedication to order led to stagnation in Heaven.[2] Nor are angels above vice or corruption by the lords of Hell.[2] In the eyes of some, angels are, in their own way, no better than demons.[8][15] While angels naturally gravitate towards unification, their rigid ideals do not allow them to adapt to changing circumstances easily.[16] The existence of humanity is one such example, and angels have displayed different reactions to their existence, even going so far as to advocate their erradication (e.g. Imperius) while others have even turned on their own brethren on humanity's behalf (e.g. Tyrael).[3]

Each angel wears armor of some kind, though it is said that this is more for reasons of ornamentation and to provide a sense of individuality than to provide protection.[2]


The Eternal ConflictEdit

Angels vs. Demons
Angels and demons do battle
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For aeons, angels and demons waged the Eternal Conflict, as both sides fought for control of the Worldstone. However, the archangel Inarius, who grew tired of this war, led a group of like-minded angels and demons with Lilith to steal the Worldstone and create a world of their own to co-exist peacefully and escape from the conflict. Eventually these group of renegade angels and demons would intermingle and gave birth to the nephalem, the forefathers of humanity. In the Worldstone's absence, the Eternal Conflict ground to a halt, as both sides were left without a goal.[2]

The Sin WarEdit

Eventually Heaven and Hell will come to take notice upon Sanctuary, the world Inarius and Lilith created with the Worldstone. The world was populated by humanity, stemming from a coupling of angel and demons. The Heavenly Host was dispatched to 'cleanse' the world, resulting in a three way battle between Heaven, Hell, and the Edyrem. It ended with Uldyssian's sacrifice, which swayed the views of Auriel, Itherael, and Tyrael, voting to spare Sanctuary from destruction and making a pact with Hell that it be left be.[2]

Darkness and LightEdit

With the pact between Heaven and Hell at the end of the Sin War, the Eternal Conflict ground to a halt.[2] This was broken when Diablo, now a singular Prime Evil, led the combined might of Hell against the Silver City.[11] The Diamond Gates were shattered, Imperius wounded, Auriel captured, and for the first time in history, demons ravaged the city's interior. With Auriel's capture, the angels began giving into despair, but after her rescue by the Nephalem, hope returned, and the angels began fighting back with more fervor. While the city was ravaged and the Crystal Arch nearly corrupted, Diablo was nonetheless defeated.[17][18]

Yet even after this, corruption remained, thanks to the Black Soulstone. A darkness began to creep upon Heaven, unnoticed to all bar Tyrael. A Corrupted Angel was even born from the Arch. However, with the aid of the Horadrim, the Black Soulstone was retrieved and the corruption lifted.[3]

The ReapersEdit

With the Reaper assault on Sanctuary, the various factions of Heaven reacted differently.[19] However, Heaven was drawn into the conflict when the Reapers assaulted the Pandemonium Gate in order to prevent the Nephalem from pursuing Malthael into Pandemonium. The Nephalem defeated Malthael with the aid of Imperius.[20] Tyrael commented that the defeat of the Angel of Death had redeemed angelkind.[21]


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.

Seraph Tyrael
High Seraph Tyrael from Heroes of the Storm
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  • Angels are figures from various real-world mythologies, known for (among other things) their feathered wings. Artwork for the Diablo series reguarly depicts angels with this wing style, though in-game, they have been depicted with the light/tentacle-styled wings.
  • Wording of the manual of the original game indicates that "seraphim" is a synonym for "angel" in the context of the series. However, a skin for Tyrael in Heroes of the Storm indicates that seraphs are separate from angels, both in terms of standing and physiology.[22] In real-world mythologies, seraphs are distinguished from other angels.


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