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The Anno Kehjistani is a dating system used by the people of Sanctuary. It was created at the apex of Zakarum power, when the church gathered an army of scholars to document the history of the world as they saw it. The calendar possesses a 'year 0,' with years moving up from this point, while years before this point use a "-" sign.[1]

Known MonthsEdit

These months are sorted alphabetically. There is some conflict between sources as to which month goes where in the year, and no single source has provided the complete calendar.

  • Dasnhar: Consists of at least 27 days.[2]
  • Esunar: Consists of at least 20 days.[2]
  • Navan: Consists of at least 10 days.[2]
  • Jeshashan: Consists of at least 29 days.[2]
  • Kathon: Consists of at least 28 days.[2]
  • Montaht: Consists of at least 7 days.[3]
  • Lunasadh Consists of at least 20 days.[4]
  • Ostara Consists of at least 4 days.[2]
  • Ratham: The month of the dead, so named after Rathma.[5] Consists of at least 21 days.[6]

Known DaysEdit

The calendar is known to employ the following days. These are sorted alphabetically:


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  • The Anno Kehjistani is possibly based on the Gregorian calendar. Both were created at the behest of a religious institution, and both use a "year 0," with years either moving upwards from this point, or using a "before" system for pre-zero years.


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