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The Arcane damage type is the new type of elemental damage introduced in Diablo III. It is characterized by the color purple.


The Arcane damage type was revealed by the Witch Doctor in the Diablo III gameplay video at WWI08. The Witch Doctor was seen wielding a sword imbued with Arcane Damage because of its characteristic purple glow.

After the revealing of the Wizard at Blizzcon, one of whose skill trees includes Arcane Skills, mechanics of Arcane damage were slightly elaborated. Upon inflicting a critical hit, Arcane Spells silence opponents, and (with the right synergies) they slow opponents as well. Although it is possible that it does extra damage to spell-casters or does damage to the opponent's mana pool as well, much like the Arcane Towers seen in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, such additional information is unknown. However, due to the fact that it silences opponents, it can be safely said that Arcane damage is nonetheless most effective against spellcasters.

Magic DamageEdit

CAUTION: The following section contains content that has not been confirmed. At this point, it is pure speculation.

It is very possible that Arcane damage was already present in the first two games, though at the time it would've been known as generalized 'magic damage' as opposed to that of a particular element.

Diablo (Game) examples include:

Zombie (Diablo I) were also immune to magic in the Normal and Hell difficulties, but not Nightmare.

Diablo II examples include projectiles shot by the Abyss Knights and Oblivion Knights with a purple glow on their hands. They did not have an official name back then.

So, the damage type can only be officially be said to have named in Diablo III.

But magic damage was also represented by the color white in many class skills. This leaves the question whether magic damage is distinct from Arcane damage, since it may be possible that the destruction of the Worldstone has caused a new type of energy to flow through Sanctuary.

Elemental Damage Types
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