A Lich (left) and Arch Lich (right).

The Arch Lich is a much more formidable counterpart to the Lich. While the Lich appears in Crypt levels 1 and 2, its stronger brethren inhabits levels 3 and 4. The Arch Lich doesn't cast Fire spells, but rather bolts of concentrated magic energy which can mean death to any character in the case of a few hits, especially when Magic resistance is low.

Arch Liches are the most powerful guards of Na-Krul. While already a great challenge in Normal and Nightmare difficulty, Hell difficulty poses a huge threat especially to the Sorcerer who has to defeat them using the very expensive Apocalypse spell due to their immunity against Fire, Lightning, and Magic damage.

Only very experienced characters should venture into their realms or they may find themselves staying far longer than they had anticipated...

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