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For the quest of the same name, see Archbishop Lazarus (Quest).
"Abandon your foolish quest! All that awaits you is the wrath of my master! You are too late to save the child! Now you'll join him — in Hell!"

- Lazarus to his foes(src)

Title Archbishop
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Zakarum (formerly)
Khanduras (feigned)
Diablo (true allegiance)
Class Mage
Occupation Archbishop
Status Deceased
Appearances Diablo
Diablo III
The Awakening
The Order (mentioned only)
Deckard Cain's Journal (mentioned only)
Book of Cain
Book of Tyrael

Archbishop Lazarus was an ambassador from the Zakarum Church and an advisor to King Leoric of Khanduras who was corrupted by the Prime Evils.

Settling in Tristram Edit

Long ago, Lazarus was the custodian of Mephisto's Soulstone in Kurast some time prior to his arrival in Khanduras. It was Lazarus who insisted, and eventually persuaded, Leoric to make Tristram the new capital and set up court in the abandoned Monastery. Lazarus was lured into its depths by Diablo, where he proceeded to shatter the soulstone that imprisoned the Prime Evil.

The Darkening of Tristram Edit

As Diablo sought to possess King Leoric, Lazarus, now fully under the sway of Diablo, kept close to his lord at all times and endeavored to keep the King's condition a secret from the people at large. As the King's condition grew worse, Lazarus persuading the maddened king to believe that he was the only trustworthy person in court. Knowing that the king's subjects were growing suspicious, Lazarus manipulated the now-maddened King into believing that Westmarch was going to attack and annex Khanduras, leading to a disastrous war that led to the deaths of many troublesome knights. Lazarus also continued to feed the king's growing paranoia, leading to the executions of many people as traitors, up to and including Leoric's own wife and queen, Asylla.

Betrayal at the Cathedral Edit

After Diablo failed to fully possess Leoric himself, Lazarus brought the King's younger son, Prince Albrecht, into the labyrinth to serve as the mortal host for the Lord of Terror. After Leoric's death at the hands of Lachdanan and his knights, Lazarus emerged from the Monastery's depths and rallied the villagers into a mob to find Albrecht—but the treacherous Archbishop led them right into the lair of the Butcher. Only two of the villagers who joined the endeavor survived the horrendous slaughter that ensued: Farnham, whose mind was shattered by the experience and fell to drinking; and Griswold, whose leg was crippled in battle with the demonic hordes.

Death Edit

After this disastrous incursion, Lazarus vanished deep into the Monastery, where he remained, guarded by demonic minions, having sacrificed a child who turned out not to have been Albrecht to Diablo. He was ultimately slain by Aidan, Moreina and Jazreth, who had managed to piece together the truth about what had happened.




Archbishop Lazarus: Unique Advocate Mage
Resistances: Lightning, Fire
Immunities: Magic
Life: 600
Dungeon Level: 15
Damage: 30-50

Diablo IIIEdit


Lazarus as king's advisor

Although his physical form doesn't make a return in Diablo III, the Nephalem does encounter a ghostly apparition of Lazarus, along with King Leoric during the exploration of the latter's castle. In addition, the Archbishop had created a very dangerous brood of spiders, led by Queen Araneae, which he used to infest an ancient ruin outside Leoric's manor at the request of the increasingly paranoid king. Twenty years later, these spiders were slain by the Nephalem, who passed through these caverns while trailing Maghda's Dark Coven to the manor in order to rescue the fallen archangel Tyrael.

Lazarus's Grimoire can be found in the first act of Diablo III, in the Cursed Hold where Lazarus had Queen Asylla executed.


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