Arihan was the high-priest of the Order of Dialon, thus being one of the highest-ranking members of the Triune. He stars in the second novel of the Sin War Trilogy by Richard A. Knaak.


Arihan was ordered to stop Uldyssian and his friends and followers before they would topple another temple, by whom he believed to be the Primus, Lucion (in reality it was the demon Astrogha who had assumed the guise of the Primus). However, his plan to break Uldyssian by abducting his friend and 'beloved', Serenthia, failed utterly as the traders-daughter was actually possessed by the demoness Lilith. Lilith's vast powers made quick work of the combined force of Peace Warders and morlu, who in the chaos of battle alienated themselves from the townsfolk by attacking the citizens. Seeing his plan fail, Arihan quickly sought audience with the Primus in a desperate attempt to redeem himself. As he found out it wasn't Lucion but Astrogha who stood before him, he knew there was no hope. The demon quickly butchered the high-priest, using the head as a conduit for the audience with his master, Diablo.

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