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Artisan concept artwork

Chest salvage

Salvage chest

Artisans are a new class of NPCs introduced in Diablo III. First introduced at Gamescon 2010, Artisans are be part of the Caravan and craft items for the player. Slain monsters occasionally drop new recipes for Artisans to learn. After learning a certain recipe, Artisans can produce that item as long as the player has the ingredients and gold necessary. Ingredients are gained by salvaging items, a process which breaks the item down into its ingredients. This must be done by the blacksmith at the caravan. Crafted items have both set and random attributes.

Artisans can be upgraded by paying them a large sum of gold for training, unlocking new recipes. The upgrades also improve the way the Artisans workshop looks.

There are different Artisans for different tasks:


Main article: Haedrig Eamon

Haedrig Eamon is a blacksmith, whose wife was infected by Risen in New Tristram. The player must help him put his wife to rest to gain his trust. After doing so, he offers the following abilities:

  • Forge Weapons and Armor
Haedrig is able to make miracles with heat and metal, forging weapons, suits of armor, shields, belts, helms, and other accoutrements.
  • Salvage Items
Haedrig breaks down unwanted items into salvage, mundane and arcane materials that you can use to craft even greater pieces of equipment.


Main article: Covetous Shen

Covetous Shen, the Jeweler, can craft jewelry, combine gems to produce higher quality ones, and unsocket gems. He is an odd man who seeks a unique and dangerous gem which has killed many would-be owners. His quest requires the player to retrieve a special crucible for combining gems.

  • Create Jewelry
Covetous Shen can create rings and amulets.
  • Combine Gems
Covetous Shen combines 2 or 3 lower quality gems into one of the next higher tier for a fee.
  • Unsocket Gems
Covetous Shen can remove socketed gems from a selected item for a fee, returning both unharmed.


Main article: Myriam Jahzia

Myriam Jahzia is a mystic. She was removed in Beta patch 10 of Diablo III,[1] but returned in the Reaper of Souls expansion. She provides enchanting and transmogrification services.[2]

Crafting MaterialsEdit

Crafting materials can be dropped by monsters, chests, or containers. Items found as loot can be salvaged, but those purchased from vendors cannot. Salvaging an item yields a random quantity of a material determined by the item's quality. The more powerful items require materials salvaged from more valuable loot.

Crafting Materials
Level 1-60
Common DebrisExquisite EssenceIridescent TearDemonic EssenceFiery Brimstone
Level 61-70
Reusable PartsArcane DustVeiled CrystalDeath's BreathForgotten Soul
Wirt's BellLiquid RainbowGibbering GemstoneLeoric’s ShinboneBlack Mushroom
Devil's FangVengeful EyeWrithing SpineKey of DestructionKey of HateKey of Terror
Heart of EvilIdol of TerrorLeoric's RegretVial of PutridnessKey of BonesKey of EvilKey of GluttonyKey of War
Encrusted HoofFallen ToothLizard EyePage of BlacksmithingPage of JewelcraftingSubtle EssenceTome of BlacksmithingTome of JewelcraftingTome of SecretsAdventurer's JournalAngelic ShardBehistun RuneBloody PincerBorn's KeyCaptured NightmareCaptured SoulCartographer's ToolkitCultist BloodDefiled DollDemon SkinElement of CelerityEssence of the Twin SeasEternal Power CapsuleEyes of the DeadFrozen BloodGlowing OreGriswold's ScribblingsHilt of the Silver WolfHuman CartilageIron Wolves DoctrineLiving FlameLyekurn's DiaryMaghda's Tormented SoulMystical SourcePhial of WeaknessQuaking VialReaper's FearRydraelm TomeShard of Entsteig PlateShattered CoreShimmering QuillShuddering Demon BoneSkelon's DiceSkull of RaylendSydyru BoneSymbol of the Guardian BrotherhoodTorn SoulUrn of QuickeningWhite Oak SplinterWooden StakeWoven Plate


New Diablo 3 Artisan Crafting Feature04:47

New Diablo 3 Artisan Crafting Feature



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