Ashton Natoli was the head of House Natoli.


Ashton married Nerissa. He got on well with her sister, Elizabeth, whom he recognised as a kindred spirit given their jovial approaches to life.

At some point after marrying, Ashton squandered Natoli's finances on gambling and booze. At some point he vanished, taking what little remained of the family fortune with him, leaving his wife to deal with the debts he had accumulated.

A year later, he turned up at the family manor, dead, left with nothing but the clothes he had on him. His body was taken around to the back courtyard. Perhaps not coincidentally, this was mere hours after Nerissa played a game with Carlotta, stating that what she desired most was for her husband to be returned to her. Certainly Nerissa suspected Carlotta of having a hand in her husband's murder.[1]


  1. Turn of a Card

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