Aura Enchanted is one of the possible bonuses Unique Monsters may obtain in Diablo II. The main characteristic of Auras is that they will influence either the Unique's Minions, or their enemies. Unlike most other bonuses, though, there are a variation of auras which can appear. Any Unique Monster may only have one Aura.

Aura Enchanted Monsters may have the following Auras:

In previous versions of Diablo II monsters could also get Thorns aura. This was removed from the game, most likely to even the playing field between melee physical damage heroes and ranged attackers/casters. If it remained, melee heroes would probably be nothing but useless in Multiplayer, due to the requirements of high Life having soared up even higher than it already is now.

Approach these Unique monsters cautiously if they possess Fanaticism, Conviction or Holy Freeze. These auras are very detrimental to your hero, and are very hard, if not outright impossible, to avoid. The rest of the Aura Enchanted mobs do not pose a big threat unless paired with other powerful monster affixes, but these 3 take a high priority.

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