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An Auradin is a Paladin build in Diablo II. It uses mostly Offensive Auras to damage the opponent. The idea of an Auradin is to stack his auras in order to get the full effect of the damage caused. An Auradin is not always a frontline fighter. He evades his attacker by running or teleporting away with the right equipment, and he lets his auras do the work. But they can do a high amount of damage while hitting. There are several types of Auradins:


The Tesladin is a Paladin build, using the Holy Shock aura. Back-up attacks are Zeal and Holy Freeze.

Skill Point DistributionEdit


Four points into:

One point into:

  • 1-point-wonders

Stacker Build AuradinEdit


Holy Fire Auradin (AKA Dragon paladin)Edit

This Auradin is a Paladin build maximizing the use of the Holy Fire aura. It is capable of excellent damage capabilities until Hell Difficulty. Contrary to popular belief, this build will not work with Holy Shock or Holy Freeze in place of Holy Fire. For Shock, you only have the Dream Rune Word for a shield and helmet, which would only have 2 stacked Shocks. And Freeze you only have Doom or Ice as a weapon and that will be only aura. So, in all honesty, this is the BEST Auradin build you could possibly make.

Skill Point DistributionEdit

The main aura will be Conviction, to break immunities and resistance to fire, The damage from Holy Fire aura gained from items will be more than a twenty point investment.


Other Points:

  • Zeal: 1 Point Only: (This will be your main attack, you only need 1 point because your gear will give you enough points plus you get TONS of damage from your Holy Fire)
  • Sacrifice: 1 Point: (Pre-req)
  • Smite: 1 Point: (Pre-req)
  • Holy Bolt: 1 Point: (Pre-req)
  • Blessed Hammer: 1 Point: (Pre-req)
  • Charge: 1 Point: (Pre-req / Now this can be used in place of Zeal and is very usefully in duels, so do not pass this buy)
  • Might: 1 Point: (Pre-req)
  • Holy Fire: 1 POINT ONLY- (Pre-req)
  • Holy Freeze: 1 Point: (Pre-req)
  • Sanctuary: 1 Point: (Pre-req)
  • Thorns: 1 Point: (Pre-req)

- All in all, that is 91 Skill Points. So make sure you don't waste your points, you have very little wiggle room.

Stat Point DistributionEdit

  • Strength: Enough for Equipment, no more
  • Dexterity: Enough to have maximum block (75%), and more if you still need some for gear
  • Vitality: Rest of Stat points, so pretty much all
  • Energy: Not recommended.


  • Helmet: Harlequin Crest (AKA "Shako" online) is your best bet. If you are low on res, you could put an Um rune in it.
  • Weapon: Hand of Justice is what is needed. It will give you some of the Holy Fire, which will stack with your shield and armor.
  • Shield: Dragon (Shield Version) is the second of the three items that will give you your Holy Fire.
  • Armor: Dragon (Armor Version) is the final item that will give you your aura.
  • Belt: Arachnid Mesh is probably your best bet, but verdungo's will work as well.
  • Gloves: Dracul's Grasp or Soul Drainer or Magefists are good options but this isn't a big deal, The above mentioned is more important.
  • Boots: Sandstorm Trek boots are the best option because they're standard paladin gear
  • Rings: Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band and Raven Frost. Bul for the 1 to All Skills and the increased stamina, since you cannot teleport, and Raven so you won't be frozen.
  • Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope or The Rising Sun will work as well, rising sun for the + to fire skills, and the mara's for the + resist and + attributes
  • Weapon/Shield Flip: Call to Arms and Spirit Shield.
  • Charms: Hellfire Torch and Annihilus.


This is completely up to you. A Rogue Archer using Frost Arrow, with a Fortitude, Ice Bow, and maybe a Dream helm might be a good choice, but this is all up to you.

Note: In Hell Difficulty, Venom Lords in the Chaos Sanctuary do not lose their Immunity to Fire. This is probably a bug, but not confirmed.


Omnidin is a versatile Paladin build primarily using Runeword equipment to project multiple elemental auras around the character, hirelings, and party members. The goal of this build is to simultaneously stack Holy Fire, Holy Freeze, Holy Shock, Defiance, and Redemption all as passive skills. This gives the option for the Paladin to use Fanaticism almost exclusively and switch auras only if the situation demands. Aura options are Salvation for improved resists and Conviction to nerf monster resists, but otherwise Fanaticism should be your primary.

This build is not skill nor attribute intensive though does require higher level characters to procure and equip the required gear. Putting a few points into Holy Freeze is advisable. Use Freeze early on to slow monsters until Fanaticism or gear can replace it. 

The greatest benefit of the Omnidin is its ability to merge well with other popular builds including Zealot, Avenger, and Smiter.



While you may choose most any accompanying skills you wish, here are a few staples to consider:


This is the bread and butter of this endeavor. You'll note the high level requirements for much of this gear so be prepared to use lower levels finding your personal play style which can then be augmented with this build.

  • Helm: Dream Bone Visage or Diadem. Holy Shock Aura 15.
  • Amulet: Highlord's Wrath or Mara's Kaleidoscope if preferred. 
  • Weapon: Doom Berserker Axe or Scourge Flail. Holy Freeze Aura 12.
  • Armor: Dragon Archon Plate.  Holy Fire Aura 14 
  • Shield - Exile Ethereal Zakarum shield. +2 Offensive Auras, Defiance Aura 14.
  • Gloves - Soul Drainer or Laying of HandsCan substitute Dracul's Grasp if unable to obtain Exile.
  • Ring1 - Raven Frost: For 'Cannot be Frozen' attribute.
  • Belt - Thundergod's Vigor or Verdungo's Hearty Cord.  Could also substitute Arachnid Mesh, if skill bonus is more important
  • Ring2 - Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band  Can substitute Stone of Jordan for mana based bonuses or Carrion Wind for neat procs.
  • Boots - Gore Rider's War Boots (47): War Traveler or Sandstorm Trek work well also.


Mercenary (Rogue / Iron Wolf)Edit

  • Helm: Delerium  (63): Ethereal Bone Visage, +2 all Skills.
  • Bow: Ice  Crusader Bow, Holy Freeze Aura 18. (Rogue Only)
  • Sword: Phoenix Phase Blade, Redemption Aura 14. (Iron Wolf Only)
  • Armor: Fortitude or Chains of Honor Ethereal Sacred Armor. Duress could be substituted until Fortitude or CoH is obtained.
  • Shield: Spirit Monarch Shield +2 all Skills, FCR, Resists. (Iron Wolf Only)

Mercenary (Desert Merc / Barbarian)Edit

End Result:Edit

  • Up to 6 active Auras in use at once: Fire, Cold, Lightning, Def+, Atk+, Dmg+, Atk Spd+.
  • Up to 100+ multi-elemental area damage per tick.
  • Over 500 added elemental damage to attacks on average.
  • Hits provide 13%+ Life Leech and chance for Volcano, Life Tap (lvl5 and 10), Hydra, and Firestorm.
  • Being struck provides chance of Venom, Confuse, and Fist of the Heavens.
  • +8 to all Skills, +2 additional to Offensive Auras, +30-80 to each Stat.
  • 62% Deadly Strike, 15% Crushing Blow, 60% Open Wounds, Prevent Monster Heal, Freeze Target
  • All resists +72 or better, +127 to Lightning Resist. Cannot be Frozen, Cold and Lightning Absorb.

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