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"It is through the archangel Auriel that the power of hope flows into the fabric of creation. Her eternal light illuminates even the darkest souls. With Malthael's departure, it falls to Auriel to hold the Angiris Council together. Should her light ever fade, all Heaven would fall to despair."

- Selathiel, writing on Auriel(src)

Title Archangel of Hope
Gender Female
Race Angel
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Affiliation High Heavens
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Status Active
Appearances Diablo III
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls (flashback only)
The Veiled Prophet
Storm of Light
Sword of Justice
Book of Cain
The Art of Diablo III
Diablo III: Wrath

Auriel is the Archangel of Hope and a member of the Angiris Council. The most beloved of all angels, it is she who leads the sweet chorus of the High Heavens.[1]


The Great ConflictEdit


Auriel in the Great Conflict

As with her kin, Auriel fought in the Great Conflict, slaying many demons. There are many tales of her incredible feats in battle, breaching the walls of the Pandemonium Fortress alongside her fellow archangels to wrest the stronghold from Hell's grasp.[1]




On one such battlefield[2] within Pandemonium, Auriel fought alongside her fellow council members. Using Al'maiesh, she sent her demon foes sprawling. The Heavenly Host pressed forward, and the demons were sent into retreat. Imperius pressed on ahead however, and confronted Diablo alone, fighting the Lord of Terror to a stalemate until Auriel and her fellow archangels arrived. Using Al'maiesh, Auriel broke the Prime Evil's grasp on her comrade, and, with the aid of Malthael, was able to bind the demon against a slab of stone. Auriel declared that holding Diablo prisoner would turn the tide of war in Heaven's favor, for, as Tyrael pointed out, slaying him would just lead to Diablo being reborn. However, an enraged Imperius, declaring that demonkind could only be dealt with in blood, slew Diablo, an act which Auriel called "sacrilege."[3]

The Sin WarEdit

"Let their potential be developed...for in them I think there is a chance that we may see the end of our struggle at last!"

- Auriel casts her vote for humanity(src)


Auriel and co. decide the fate of Sanctuary

With the disappearance of the Worldstone, the Great Conflict ground to a halt. It was only with the discovery of Sanctuary that Heaven learned of the existence of humanity, and how it had come into creation through the coupling of angels and demons.[1] Initially declaring this new species abominations and intent on exterminating them, the Angiris Council was given pause after watching Uldyssian's sacrifice in battle. Thus, it was put to vote whether Man be spared, or eradicated as initially planned.

In the resulting discussion, Auriel was the most impassioned speaker, maintaining that the crimes of Inarius (who had stolen the Worldstone and created Sanctuary in the first place) should not be transferred to humanity, and that given time, they may play a role in the Great Conflict. Thus, her vote was for them. While she was disappointed that Malthael abstained from casting a vote, not to mention that Imperius argued for their eradication, the votes of Itherael and Tyrael let humanity continue to exist.[4]

The Light of HopeEdit

Auriel D3


Over three millennia after the end of the Sin War,[4] war returned to the High Heavens. Diablo, now a singular Prime Evil, destroyed the Diamond Gates and led his forces into the angels' realm.[5] Auriel was taken prisoner by Rakanoth, until a group of nephalem heroes (who had pursued Diablo from Sanctuary) slew the demon and rescued her. Auriel directed them to destroy the corrupted growths while she returned to rally the Heavenly Host. With her return, the angels began to fight back with more fervor.

With the aid of the nephalem, Heaven was saved, and Diablo cast down. Auriel appeared to congratulate the heroes alongside Itherael.[6]

Storm of LightEdit

"You look...weary, my brother. You cannot sleep?"
"Would that I had no need for such a thing."
"Ah, but you do."

- Auriel and Tyrael(src)

Imperius in Reaper of Souls Intro

Auriel, Itherael, and Imperius debate the Black Soulstone's fate

Diablo had achieved singular Prime Evil status through the Black Soulstone, a device that, after his body disintegrated following his battle with the nephalem, remained in Heaven.[7] The stone was later found by Auriel and her fellow council members.[8] As the stone lay stored in the Angiris Council Chamber, Auriel sensed conflict at the site while she resided in the Gardens of Hope. Arriving, she found Tyrael confronting Balzael, the latter angel letting his distrust of Tyrael (still mortal) shine through. Auriel stepped in to defend Tyrael from the verbal barbs of Balzael, and told the angel to take leave of his guard duties.

Conversing with Tyrael, Auriel correctly deduced that he was weary, and that while he required sleep as a mortal, such a thing did not come naturally to him. She reassured Tyrael that while many angels did not agree with Tyrael's choice to become mortal, that did not mean it was the wrong one. She wrapped Al'maiesh around Tyrael briefly to give him clarity, then departed.

As the Angiris Council debated the soulstone's fate, Auriel suggested that in order to neutralize the Black Soulstone, it be sealed in a chamber of light and sound. Imperius disagreed and suggested destroying the Stone instead. Itherael was crippled with indecision and could not choose between the two, leading Tyrael to consult Chalad'ar, the Chalice of Wisdom.[8] Realizing that the Black Soulstone could not remain in Heaven, Tyrael took it to the mortal realm to seal it away.[9]


Diablo IIIEdit

Auriel appears as an NPC in the fourth act of Diablo III. She is the focus of The Light of Hope quest. During Diablo's assault on Heaven she is captured, robbing the Angels of Hope. She is guarded by Rakanoth the Lord of Despair in the Library of Fate. Auriel is freed by the Nephalem and grants them her blessing, allowing them to destroy the Demonic Corruption spreading through heaven. She appears sporadically throughout the following quests to advance the plot, and congratulates the player upon defeating Diablo.

Heroes of the StormEdit

Auriel has appeared in the trailer for the Eternal Conflict event in Heroes of the Storm. She will not be implemented in the game through the expansion, but her inclusion at a later date has not been ruled out.[10]

Personality and TraitsEdit


Auriel's visage

Auriel is said to be the most lighthearted member of the Angiris Council. She believes in the potential for good in all things, including the hearts of all sentient beings. However, Auriel is not a pacifist, and she does not shy away from strife, for she recognises that conflict is the nature of the universe.[1] Auriel rarely speaks in short sentences, but the impact of her words is greater when she does so.[11]

What makes Auriel unique is her ability to see harmony even in the midst of discord. She believes that victory for one side does not always mean defeat for the other. To her way of thinking, beyond each conflict lies the promise of healing. This philosophy was often exemplified when she acted as a mediator between Tyrael and Imperius, in many of their heated debates. Rather than scolding them or objecting to the use of violence, she let them see that resolution opened the door to new possibilities. Sometimes, she would drape Al'maiesh around her comrades' shoulders, granting them clarity.

In battle, Auriel can use Al'maiesh as a weapon as readily as she can as a device of healing. She is also capable of wielding a sword. When not on the field of battle, she spends much of her time in the Gardens of Hope.[1]

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