Bodyguard Avatars accompanying the Crusader

An Avatar of the Order can be summoned by the Crusader in accordance with certain skills required. Physically they appear as a spectral Crusaders (always male), presumably spirits of the fallen members of the Order. Their power and duration depend on the method of summoning. The methods in which they can be summoned are as follows:

  • Phalanx: With the Bodyguard Skill Rune equipped, two Avatars of the Order are summoned to the Crusader's side for ten seconds. Each Avatar attacks for 560% of the Crusader's damage as Physical. Alternatively, with Bowmen rune, four Archer Avatars are summoned, each attacking for 185% damage as Physical, last 5 seconds.
  • Falling Sword: With the Rise Brothers Skill Rune equipped, 3 Avatars are summoned to the player's side for 6 seconds. Each Avatar attacks for 280% of the Crusader's damage as Physical.
  • Baleful Remnant: any enemy killed during Akarat's Champion will rise as an Avatar of the Order for 10 seconds, attacking for 100% of the Crusader's damage as Physical. Up to 30 such Avatars may be risen simultaneously.

One way of summoning Avatars was cut in patch 2.3:

  • Judgment: With the removed Conversion Skill Rune equipped, lesser enemies below 25% Life would have a 20% chance to be instantly killed and converted into an Avatar of the Order for 10 seconds. Each Avatar attacked for 100% of the Crusader's damage as Physical.

In addition, the Phalanx (regardless of rune) summons them, although only two runes count as actual summonings, and others are non-summoning spells visually animated using the Avatars' models.

Eternal Union ring triples the duration of all Avatars (whichever way they are summoned). Any effect that improves the raw damage of Phalanx will also affect all summoned Avatars.

Unrelenting Phalanx doubles the amount of Avatars summoned through Phalanx.

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