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Azure is a prefix that can appear on Magic Items and Charms, providing a small resistance to cold.



Cold Resist +5-10%

Can appear on: Magic Items, Rare Items
Is available on: Amulets, Armor, Circlets, Orbs, Rings, Weapons


Cold Resist +3-5% (Small)
Cold Resist +4-7% (Large)
Cold Resist +7-15% (Grand)

Item Prefixes
+ % Resist All — ShimmeringRainbowScintillatingPrismaticChromatic
+ % Cold Resist — AzureLapisCobaltSapphire
+ % Fire Resist — CrimsonRussetGarnetRuby
+ % Lightning Resist — TangerineOcherCoralAmber
+ % Poison Resist — BerylViridianJadeEmerald
Jewel Prefixes
+ % Resist All — ShimmeringScintillating
+ % Cold Resist — Lapis LazuliSapphire
+ % Fire Resist — GarnetRuby
+ % Lightning Resist — CamphorAmbergris
+ % Poison Resist — BerylJade

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