Bashanishu is a challenge achievement available to players in single or cooperative games. It is completed by hitting the rare spawn Bashiok with Rakanishu's Blade, but is only granted to players that have hit Bashiok with the blade, and not all players in the party.

  1. Select normal difficulty, then Blood and Sand - begin quest.
  2. Select skills that allow you to travel faster.
  3. Use the waypoint to Dahlgur Oasis.
  4. Move east, then north until you reach the north-eastern most corner of the map.
  5. Move south-west and check the quest hub, you want one called Shrine of Rakanishu.
    1. If it's not there, leave the game, resume and go to step 3.
    2. If it's there, do the quest and pick up Rakanishu's Blade (some claim the drop rate isn't 100%, if it hasn't dropped make sure you are running at normal difficulty and try again), then leave the game and resume.
  6. Equip Rakanishu's Blade, unequip items with thorns effect and any weapon in off-hand slot. Just in case.
  7. Dimiss the follower, don't use any summons/pets. Ideally, respec your build to full movement speed / relocation on all slots except LMB or RMB.
  8. You can also open Skills menu and mouse over any skill (preferably LMB or RMB), then click-hold-drag away and release whatever skill you have there, leaving only a basic attack in that spot (if you can't do this, go to options -> gameplay and turn on elective mode).
  9. Use the waypoint to Dahlgur Oasis.
  10. Look all around the map (other unique shamans won't mean Bashiok not spawning!) for a unique monster named Bashiok that looks like a Fallen Shaman.
    1. If he's not there, leave the game and resume, then repeat previous two steps.
    2. If he's there, hit him with any attack: achievement obtained.

Upon completion, a new banner accent will be available for players.


Bashanishu Achievement

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