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Bashiok's avatar until May 27, 2009

For the Diablo III rare spawn, see Bashiok (Monster).
Bashiok new

Bashiok's new avatar

Bashiok (real name Micah Whipple) is the former community manager for Diablo III. On the official Diablo III forums Bashiok's avatar depicts a Fallen Shaman, as seen in Diablo III. As of January 3rd 2013, he announced his return to the WOW team.

He is more popularly known as Drysc, as he was known when he was associated with World of Warcraft.

For his posts on the official Diablo III forums that are relevant to the development of Diablo III, see Bashiok's forum posts.

ReferencesEdit 2008-27-08, Blizzcast Episode 5. Blizzard Entertainment. Accessed on 2008-29-08.

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