November 12, 2008 - Crippling monstersEdit

Someone suggested that a way to cripple enemies should be included in Diablo III, hitting a part of a monster having a graphic and gameplay effect.

Bashiok's reply:

Been playing some Fallout 3? :) I just finished it last night, but it was sort of bittersweet as I sort of rushed through the end to ensure I could focus on Wrath. Yeah, I know, I play WoW. I'm a traitor or whatever. IT'S A FUN GAME!


Anyway... It's a cool idea, but yeah, they probably won't be around long enough to actually get any use out of it. We're obviously putting a greater emphasis on varying mechanics on enemies and trying to make them interesting to fight and 'game', but the game is still about pulling your sword through a massive huddle of demons. Something as complex as a limb-specific crippling ability probably just wouldn't get enough screen time to make it worth it.

I could see it more as a potential mechanic for progress in a boss fight maybe? Something that's a bit more substantial in health/fight length and also size and visibility of something like a crippled limb. I don't know, it's cool, but whether it would actually work out or not is debatable.

November 12, 2008 - InventoryEdit

Bashiok answers question relating to the new inventory system in Diablo III:

As others of have said you'll start with a smaller inventory size, and you'll be able to increase that by picking up bags. Right now these are drops off of monsters but there's potential to have them come from vendors, quests, etc. We're still going through UI revisions and changes, and some that includes inventory. We do like the ability to upgrade your character's storage capacity though. It gives it a comfortable RPG element.

We obviously don't want to create a situation where there's huge amounts of inventory space, there should be a choice as to what items you want to hold and carry. However, we also don't want to create a restriction that ends up hurting your ability to play effectively and have fun. I have seen quite a few people comment in various threads that a limitation on the ability to get back to town quickly and frequently will compound storage issues, and that would be true, if we hadn't already designed solutions for it.

Also keep in mind that alternative item storage such as a stash is still likely if not guaranteed.

November 12, 2008 - Monsters respawning in new gamesEdit

Will the areas reset in single-player after leaving a game?

Bashiok's reply:

We're looking to follow Diablo II. After a game closes, or you exit from a single player game, the world essentially "resets" in regards to monster spawns. There's the potential for some exceptions though. Source.

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