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Battle Cry
Frightens nearby enemies, lowers their defense, and damage.
Class Barbarian
Skill Tree Warcries
Level 18
Prerequisites Howl, Taunt
Damage Type None
Mana Cost 5
Other Stats
Synergies War Cry

Battle Cry is a Barbarian Skill in Diablo II.


Gifted Barbarian warriors can benefit from their connection to their totem animals to exploit the primal fears of their opponents. Once a Barbarian unleashes the Battle Cry, even the legions of the dead will become so distracted that they falter in their quest for victory. This permits the warrior an easy kill.

Battle Cry is a great, although typically overlooked debuff. With even a single point, any enemies that are affected will find their ability to defend themselves and damage their adversaries (such as yourself) decimated. Further investments only increase its effect and longetivity. Considering that this skill works on everything, even Diablo himself, it is well worth it to have it at your disposal. This means it works on bosses and makes them easier to hit and do less damage to you. And it can be a life saver in multiplayer; not only will the affected enemies have a bad time trying to avoid getting hit by anything, but they will hit like kittens, allowing casters like the Necromancer to cast their spells without fear of interruption or death. The only drawback to this skill is that the radius is not very large, which makes Taunt more favorable for far away targets.


  • Gives synergy to:
  • Receives synergy from: None

Skill ProgressionEdit

Mana Cost: 5

Level 1234567891011
Monster Damage −25% −26% −27% −28% −29% −30% −31% −32% −33% −34% −35%
Monster Defense −50% −52% −54% −56% −58% −60% −62% −64% −66% −68% −70%
Duration 12 14.4 16.8 19.2 21.6 24 26.4 28.8 31.2 33.6 36
Level 12131415161718192025
Monster Damage −36% −37% −38% −39% −40% −41% −42% −43% −44% −49%
Monster Defense −72% −74% −76% −78% −80% −82% −84% −86% −88% −98%
Duration 38.4 40.8 43.2 45.6 48 50.4 52.8 55.2 57.6 72.6

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