The Battle of the Golden Path, coined by Uldyssian prior to the actual battle[1], was the last great struggle of the Edyrem against the Cathedral, which marked the end of both said Cathedral and Inarius's dominion over Sanctuary.

The Final BattleEdit

Before the battle ensued, Uldyssian's Edyrem were ambushed by magically enhanced vines - this lead to the death of several of Uldyssian's followers. Infuriated, Uldyssian unleashed his raw power on the vines, utterly destroying the plants in an unrelenting sea of fire that turned grasslands surrounding the Grand Cathedral in a scorched wasteland.

It was then that the Cathedral's main army of Inquisitors, led by the war maiden Oris - who was in reality possessed by the High Priest Malic - rode towards the Edyrem. The Inquisitors were blessed by their Prophet with holy fervor and zeal making them even more dangerous foes. The battle was fierce and the Edyrem were hard-pressed to maintain their position. Inarius 'aided' his army by creating a hail of icy spikes, pelting both his own and Uldyssian's forces. This only served to infuriate Uldyssian further, who then single-handedly destroyed the remaining Inquistor army.

It was then that Inarius himself appeared. Inarius and Uldyssian clashed in what was to be an epic duel, utterly destroying the Grand Temple in the process. The Edyrem were not given a rest however - meanwhile, both the Heavenly Host and the Infernal Legions arrived on Sanctuary, pinning the humans between the colliding forces. The Edyrem made a brave stand, battling Angel and Demon alike, however Serenthia and Achillios, Uldyssian's closest friends are both killed in battle with angels.

After a long fight, Uldyssian managed to overpower the renegade Angel. With another awesome display of force, Uldyssian managed to push back both invading armies to their respective realms. But the powers which Uldyssian wielded and controlled had been growing more powerful and out of control as the story had unfolded. Something which Uldyssian only begins to realise now as first the area around them, then the whole world begins to crumble and shake. As he attempts in vain to stop this from happening he realises it is his power that is now destroying the world. His powers are now out of his control having grown too great and lashing out in vengeance against the world that had taken everything from Uldyssian. In a last desperate attempt, he attempts to absorb all the powers now flying violently around the world into himself. While successful the power is now ten-fold possibly more than when it was unleashed, making it impossible for Uldyssian to contain. As such he searches for a place to release this vast energy and Trag-oul speaks to him, telling him of a place that is not a place where he can release this energy. Uldyssian revives Achillios and Serenthia his two best friends who had both died in the final battle before teleporting to the suggested place and releasing the power in a dazzling explosion of pure energy. In that moment he becomes something more, apparently even close to a God and transcends to something even higher before dying in the physical sense.

In the end, the battle ended in a kind of victory or at least stalemate for the Edyrem, with Heaven and Hell's forces banished, and both the Prime Evils and the Angiris Council agreeing to spare Sanctuary. However all the Edryem are wiped of their memories and therefore their powers by the Angiris council with the notable exception of Mendeln. Tyrael himself tells the Edyrem that Uldyssian "will be remembered" as the one who ended the Battle of the Golden Path, and the savior of his world and his people.


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