Bay was a young farm girl, taken as a sacrifice by the Zakarum.


Bay lived on a farm with her father and mother. Their farm was situated close to a Zakarum cathedral, and many times the priests would come to the farm, demanding tithes for their holy works. Every time her father would refuse, as he was not a follower of the Zakarum faith. On what would be the priests' last visit, an argument broke out, the priests declaring that he would regret his defiance.

Not long after that, the farm came under attack by khazra. In the past, Bay and her family would always hide whenever they passed by, and the creatures did not seem to notice them. This time however, they did. The creatures attacked, setting the farm alight, killing Bay's mother. Her father tried to ward the creatures off with a pitchfork, but he was killed in turn. Bay was saved however, by a Paladin named Hale, who slew the creatures. He buried her parents, and offered to give her sanctuary in the Zakarum. Bay took him to the Zakarum cathedral, wondering if her father had listened to the priests, perhaps he'd still be alive.


Bay is taken away by the curate

Arriving at the cathedral, they were granted entry. Bay was frightened by the cathedral's grim interior, and the wall carvings that depicted all manner of demons. Hale explained that it was a representation of the evil the Zakarum combatted, an assertion repeated by the cathedral's curate. He declared that he would take Bay into the church, and teach her in the ways of the Zakarum. Hale departed to his assigned quarters, while Bay was taken to the depths of the cathedral to be sacrificed. She called out for Hale, and he burst into the chamber before the ritual could be completed. The curate revealed that they, and Zakarum as a whole, were in service to Mephisto, and Bay would be sacrificed to him. Hale cut his way through the priests, but couldn't reach Bay and the curate in time. He teleported away with Bay, declaring that Bay's blood would please the Lord of Hatred.[1]


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