Big Trouble in Talking Barrel is a challenge that can be earned while on the main quest Blood and Sand in Act II of Diablo III.

The Talking Barrel can be found in the Waterlogged Passage. Simply waiting near the barrel until all the dialogue is voiced will award the challenge.

Its dialogue includes:

  • "Hello? Is anyone out there?"
  • "Its a little dark in here."
  • "Am I talking to myself? Don't answer that."
  • "If you could just smash this barrel open, I would be much obliged."
  • "What's going on out there?"
  • "Are you dead? If you're dead, just say so."
  • "Are you still alive out there? Or is it the monsters?"
  • "Say yes if you are. Or you could clap."
  • "Hello! Is there anyone alive out there?"
  • "I'm not actually a talking barrel. Don't worry about breaking it. Me."
  • "This wouldn't be quite so bad if I could turn around. Wait a minute. I can turn around."
  • "It's terribly messy in here. What is this... blood? Who stores blood in a barrel? Oh, it's wine."
  • "Maybe I could tip the barrel over and roll around. It could work. Or give me a headache."
  • "Just a little whack should take care of it. Not too hard!"


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