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Biggin's Bonnet is a unique Cap.

While its small bonuses to mana and life prevent Biggin's Bonnet from being useful past early game, it also possesses an off-slot bonus to all damage dealt from a weapon. This bonus can be helpful in some occasions, such as a hero's life stealing capability being insufficient.

Due to its very low item level, it is usually found in Normal Act I. At the same time, its high uqlvl makes it a very rare drop. As such, one can only very rarely see this item in game.



Biggin's Bonnet

Defense: 17-19 (varies)(Base defense: 3-5)
Required Level: 3
Durability: 12
+30% Enhanced Damage
+14 Defense
+30 To Attack Rating
+15 To Mana
+15 To Life

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