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"At first, we had another producer from Blizzard South that came up to help us out. I won't name names, because it was a pretty negative experience. We ended up not trusting him, and saying, 'Look, we don't want him in the office anymore.' And then they sent up Bill, which, again, we were like, 'We don't want anybody from down there coming up here and telling us what to do.' But, we sort of fell in love with Bill immediately, and I think he liked us, and I think there was a lot of good trust going on, and it worked out great."

Erich Schaefer(src)
Bill Roper

Bill Roper

Bill Roper was a member of Blizzard Entertainment who worked on the development of Diablo II, per Blizzard's "strike team" system. He is currently the vice president/GM of Disney Interactive.[1]


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