The Blackfeather is a Legendary cloak for the Demon Hunter in Diablo III. It requires character level 31 to drop.

The special affix did not have a cooldown initially (resulting in overpowered damage, especially with Ballistics passive skill), but then a hotfix added a 10 seconds cooldown to it. The rockets also appear to have unlimited range.

Stats (Level 31)Edit


Legendary Cloak

  • 114-149 Armor


  • +85–108 Dexterity
  • Dodging or getting hit by a ranged attack automatically shoots a homing rocket back at the attacker for 600–800% damage as Physical
  • +3 Random Magic Properties
  • Empty Socket
  • Empty Socket

This cloak matches the description of the one worn by the hero in the popular children's tale Yorgie and the Giants.


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