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For other uses for Blizzard, see Blizzard.

Blizzard is a Cold spell used by Wizards in Diablo III. It is a remake of the classic Sorceress spell of the same name. Unlocked at level 27.


Pelts the targeted area (12 yards radius) with ice shards, causing 807% Cold damage over 6 seconds (134% per tick) to everything the storm reaches and slowing affected targets by 60% for as long as they stay within the area of effect. Costs 40 Arcane Power, and has no cooldown. There is no limit for how many Blizzards can be summoned at a time, but multiple storms cast by the same Wizard at one location do not stack.


  • Grasping Chill: slowdown increases to 80%.
  • Frozen Solid: there is a 40% chance per tick that affected enemy will be Frozen for 1.5 seconds. Same enemy cannot be frozen more than once every 3 seconds.
  • Snowbound: Arcane Power cost reduces to 13.
  • Stark Winter: damage increases to 941% (156% per tick) and radius to 22 yards.
  • Unrelenting Storm: damage and duration increase to 1296% over the 8 seconds (162% per tick).


Blizzard was the most useful spell for kiting prior to patch 1.0.4., as it was the only way to slow the unlimited amount of enemies for as long as needed.

It is the only Force spell that cannot change its damage type.

Blizzard is the iconic fantasy spell in the games of Blizzard Entertainment, hence the name.

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