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Blocking determines your chance to defend against physical melee and ranged attacks delivering physical damage.

Due to the nature of this mechanic, tanks such as Warriors, Paladins, Crusaders and the Templar are most likely to make extensive use of it.

Diablo IIEdit

In Diablo II, there is a 75% Cap on the % Chance To Block.

75% Blocking will indeed stop 75% of attacks from hitting, regardless of whether you are attacking or standing, but if a player is running, the Total Blocking percentage is reduced to 1/3rd of its original value, with a cap of 25%. The block animation will only play if you are not doing anything else. If the roll of the dice denies a true block, or if the player can't block at all, then and only then are Skills such as Amazon's Avoid and Assassin's Weapon Block checked for blocking.

Probability is computed that a player will block as follows: Total Blocking = (Blocking * (Dexterity - 15)) / (Character Level * 2)

A character is prevented from doing anything else while blocking. The delay caused by blocking can be shortened with a Faster Block Rate.

Hirelings cannot block, not even an Iron Wolf with a shield.

Diablo IIIEdit

In Diablo III, the system is simplified: it works against all types of Elemental Damage, Chance to Block is not capped (although shields may only have 20% chance and 11% bonus chance, plus another 54% from Legendary items). The Block Amount is also static (depends on the shield), and each blocked attack deducts that amount from the unsaved damage taken. Attributes have no effect on blocking, but some skills do (for instance, Punish, Hold Your Ground, Renewal or Sword and Board). Damage Over Time cannot be blocked by shields, making it useful against Block-oriented monsters, such as Primordial Scavengers, but also making the player vulnerable to such damage even if they have the maxed-out Block chances.

Blood Brother sword utilizes a block-like mechanic, but it is completely independent from the real blocking.

Some items, like Ivory Tower or Coven's Criterion, add special effects on a successful block.

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