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  • Tricell

    these demons appears in blacksoul stone trailer but not in the game



    new hell lords

    azmodan lieutenants

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  • MarkvA

    Did you know that Diablo III has a Secret Cow Level, similar to the one in Diablo II? And did you know that the Armor of Lucien is the strongest armor in the game? No? Then be sure to check out our list of 10 Things You Didn't Know About Diablo III!

    Have you encountered something strange, silly or awesome in the game that isn't on our list? Be sure to tell us in the comments!

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  • JAlbor

    After such much publicized server problems, millions of people are finally playing Diablo 3. After so many years waiting, how does this game deliver? What do the critics say of this highly anticipated game? And more importantly, do you agree? Check out our review round-up for some thoughts on the game and when you finally get a chance to play it yourself, let us know your own opinion in the comments below!


    Diablo’s always been a complex game powered by simple things, and to impulses such as greed and violence you can now add curiosity. Stat-tweaking, loadouts, bespoke resources: the campaign is both laboratory and sweetshop, offering depth as well as sugary fanboy excess. The end result is an embarrassment of rewards, an endless nested …

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  • Delvestius

    Diablo III Clan

    May 17, 2012 by Delvestius

    Hey guys! Like many of you, I am playing and loving Diablo III. I'm liking how achievements work, especially the co-op ones, since when you get a co-op achievement it automatically gives the the single player one.

    As a multi-player inclined game, I was wondering if anybody has heard anything of clans starting to spring up. If not, who better to start one than the editors of the Diablo wiki!

    I was thinking about starting a private clan page on the wiki. You could post your username and ID, and then players would just add whoever they see on the wiki. After a while we could scheduale stuff like max party events or boss kills and PvP (is there pvp? I havn't heard anything yet, but there HAS to be something on the way.) Perhaps we could get a ve…

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  • Tephra

    Recruiting admin(s)

    May 15, 2012 by Tephra

    Now that Diablo III has been released, we will surely be getting an increase in traffic here, which will also mean more vandals who think they are funny (sorry guys, you are not).

    I am looking to recruit one or two editors to admin positions.

    To even be considered, you must have been editing here for no less than two months and have made at least 50 edits. These are the minimal standards, more is better.

    It will be a bonus if you have bought Diablo III, intend to buy it very soon, or have been in the beta (but this is not necessary).

    If you fit the requirements and are interested in the responsibilities, reply to this blog or drop by my talk page.

    ~ Tephra

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  • Ezio Auditore 1459


    May 12, 2012 by Ezio Auditore 1459

    Who is this character? I knew his name once, but long since forgot. I think he's Tyrael.

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  • Wagnike2
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  • VeloxMortis


    May 1, 2012 by VeloxMortis

    Out of 19 Item classes I want to tackle, I have finished two, that being Headgear and Pauldrons.

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  • VeloxMortis


    May 1, 2012 by VeloxMortis

    Yes! I have finally finished the Pauldron D3 item set, I still have a lot to go though

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  • AjCatlove

    Blizzard Sorceress

    April 29, 2012 by AjCatlove

    I am making a Blizzard Sorceress and was wondering what the best items are. Reply in the comments.

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  • D3Hales

    Today Blizzard has announced the official Diablo III Release Date. It will be avaliable for digital purchase from Blizzard TODAY March 15th, 2012 — and avaliable to plat May 15th, 2012 12:01AM PST.

    More information in this video about the Diablo III Official Release Date.

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  • D3Hales

    Bashoik at the official site has updated the curent beta-key give away status. I've created a video with details which you can watch below.

    In summary of the video, you'll learn about a dozen or so websites and organization still doing beta-key give aways for Diablo III so you can get in and play the first part of Act I in the Diablo III beta.

    So if your interested in getting into the Diablo III beta, the good news is that there's still time!

    Information on how to Diablo III Beta Keys Through March 25th — 2012 watch here.

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  • D3Hales

    You won’t find any actual subtle essence while playing Diablo 3, instead you’ll farm magic quality gear, return to town and salvage it. Currently the ratio is 1 to 1, meaning you’ll get 1 Subtle Essence for every magic quality item you salvage.

    One of the best ways to farm Subtle Essence is by repeating the first part of the Legacy of Cain quest lin in Act I. Do this by setting your quest in the menu screen and than enter the game. Immediately talk to Leah and run off to the cemetary. Head north with Leah and into Adria’s Hut. Go into the hidden cellar where you can immediately kill Captain Daltyn and loot a magic item. Leave the game ASAP and don’t forget to turn in the quest to get a extra ~60 gold.

    You can repeat this quest about once a m…

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  • D3Hales

    I was reading earlier that there would be a listing fee for the “Real Money” Diablo 3 auction house system. This real money auction house system has got me personally very excited, and will be very interesting to see how it plays out.

    Previous to this latest update provided by Azuriel it was known that you would get a certain amount of free listings each week on the diablo 3 real money auction house.

    The cost per SOLD item will be about $1.50 USD — and there is no fee if the item does not sell. This eliminate all risk from the selling process in Diablo III and should be a welcome addition to what could very well be a revolutionary way of making money playing your favorite game.

    Real more about the Diablo 3 RMAH here.

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  • D3Hales

    Here are the some common files names already uploaded on Torrent sites to try and lure you into downloading fakes:

    AVOID These Diablo 3 Torrent Filenames:

    • Diablo 3 enUS Beta from ThePirateBay – FAKE
    • Diablo 3 Beta
    • Diablo 3 Demo
    • Diablo 3 Prerelease
    • Diablo III [FULLGAME] 2010

    There Will Be No Diablo 3 Warez, Cracks or CD-Keys Generators


    Because Diablo 3 game play will take place over, and requires an internet connection to play. Diablo 3 will also NOT include support for LAN (Local Area Networks). So there will bringing your laptop over to your buddies house and connecting your PC’s with a network cable for co-op slaughtering pleasure.

    You think hackers and crackers will set-up a private server for you to play their cracked version of D…

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  • Fandyllic

    Activision-Blizzard had a 2011 Q4 financials call that included an overview of what might be coming in 2012. GameSpy says that Activision-Blizzard's CEO, Bobby Kotick, thinks Diablo III will release sometime in Q2 of 2012 which is a positive suggestion. This seems possible from the reduced change in the recent Beta releases. As someone who has been playing the Beta, it has gotten more stable and they are fixing bugs. I'm a little concerned with what appears to be the beginning of removal of features (most minor, like gold fetching companions), but if we're this close to a release (a matter of months), that kind of thing is to be expected.

    Now if only Blizzard would open up more of the game beyond Act I.

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  • Fandyllic
    Summary and commentary on System Changes by Jay Wilson Jan 19, 2012 9:00 AM PST on the official US D3 site.

    Summary of upcoming Beta changes:

    • Scrolls of Identification are no longer in the game.
    • Moving the fifth quick slot button, which is becoming a dedicated potion button, to the right of the mouse button slots.
    • Removing the Mystic artisan.
    • Removing the Cauldron of Jordan and Nephalem Cube.
      • The Blacksmith artisan will now salvage items.
    • Stone of Recall is now Town Portal, and is integrated directly onto the skill bar UI.
    • Common (white) items will no longer be salvageable.
    • Changing core character attributes to Strength, Dexterity, Intellect, and Vitality.
    • Displaying character stats directly on the inventory UI.

    Other info not mentioned in the offici…

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  • Ralnon

    If any of you hasn't seen it yet, the above video is the Opening Cinematic for Diablo III. But now, what I'm wondering is when exactly the video takes place. I at first of course just thought it was set at the End of Days, but then again, from what we know of the last Act of the third game, the High Heavens has basically been invaded by demons, and the Prophecy essentially says all the various members of the Angiris Council are lost.

    Besides, the appearance of Diablo at the end of the video also makes it seem unlikely that the war between the Angels and Demons takes place after the game setting, as the player obviously has to kill Diablo eventually. And what is more, the Book of Cain mentions that Tyrael's physical form was destroyed when he …

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  • Fandyllic

    A curious article I stumbled across...

    From Will Diablo 3 be delayed because of South Korea’s gambling concerns? by Alex Roth on January 04, 2012.

    Diablo III News: Video games and gambling don't mix in South Korea. Diablo 3's real money auction house has invoked the ire of their Ratings Board.

    The video games rating board of South Korea doesn’t like Diablo III’s auction house, and they’re fretting could delay the game’s world-wide release. Specifically, it’s the ability to change in-game money into real world cash that’s troubling the Korean Media Ratings Board. To them, this game-created revenue source could result in gambling, a vice they’re more than a little sensitive about. It’s resulted in much foot-dragging on their part, which could s…

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  • GrimmShadows

    Still Waiting

    December 30, 2011 by GrimmShadows

    Still waiting to atleast hear when Diablo 3 is coming out, and of course looking forward to getting i.

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  • Fandyllic

    I was lucky enough to get a Beta key a few days ago from one of my WoW sources who apparently has contacts in Blizzard or something. So, I've been playing the Beta for the last few days.

    Executive summary: Yes, it is definitely a Beta.

    My general impressions of the Diablo III Beta is that it feels alot like Diablo II with lots of World of Warcraft-like infrastructure features, like a launcher/downloader, an Auction House (although not apparently accessible in-game), very chatty in-game NPC helper that acts like a smarter combat pet, and 3D graphics. However, the game definitely feels like the dungeon crawl Diablo games we all love. It is more evolution than revolution with several nice upgrades from Diablo II, but nothing radically different…

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  • Ralnon

    According to this site: [1], Diablo possesses Tyrael, and then Tyrael invades the High Heavens and decimates the Angiris Council, before being slain himself by the player. I think this is messed up in so many ways...but then, after careful research of what has been confirmed to be in the game, such as Diablo being the final boss, and some images pointing to a setting in the High Heavens, I think this might be possible. What do you think?

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  • Pcguy2

    Beta Patch 5

    November 4, 2011 by Pcguy2

    Beta Patch 5 and corresponding server wipe have been implemented.

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  • Sicbay

    Trag 'Oul

    November 1, 2011 by Sicbay

    Trag'Oul is the other main character that opposes diablo in the game Diablo 3

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  • Tricell

    What appears in the images?

    October 29, 2011 by Tricell

    Hello community fan of diablo universe.. I`am new in the wiki...

    Well please see the following image:

    The hell Throne (Diablo) or Sin Throne (Azmodan)?

    Unkown Demons of the Throne (Black Stonesoul trailer)

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

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  • Ultimatex
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  • Breywood

    Since my Assassin went Matriarch, I decided that if my druid couldn't kill Diablo Clone I should at least get him to Patriarch. He was just starting Act 5 around the time I had Sabolita tangle with Diablo Clone the second time. And why should I be making edits on pages of builds I haven't played? I think that if I at least get them to kill Hell Baal, I have some right to make suggestions on building.

    The Build. Rabies/Feral Rage. Usually people go into Fury because it allows them to attack multiple targets at the same time. When you're Boss Killing, however, I find it's a problem when I can't focus all my attacks on an opponent. And Feral Rage is a lot like Frenzy, another skill I'm really soft on.


    Shapeshifting Tab
    Feral Rage: 20

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  • Breywood

    Okay. So, once Ancients were completed, I saved and proceeded to idle for the next few days because I was working. Last night, I had all night to get things done, so I sat down at 11:00 and proceeded to acquire her new title. From the Ancient's Way, it wasn't too bad. Even the Frenzytaurs weren't too bad. Strolled past the Ancients, since the quest was completed, and hit the Worldstone Keep.

    The first floor was pretty tough, and I did, in fact, die a few times. Ghoul Lords, Flesh Beasts (yes, those buggers hurt when they hit me) and Frenzytaurs. My poor shadow again took a pretty nasty kicking around. On the other hand, I did manage to find the stairs fairly quick.

    The second floor. the stairs were nice and close, and I was pleased to see mo…

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  • Breywood

    I put Sabolita aside for a week or two to grind on my other build, the Rabies Rage druid in hopes of having another build to horse around with boss killing. Since there has been a "delay" on the Ladder reset this gives me some time to attempt to push Sabolita to Matriarch.

    Like any melee character in Act 5, it's all give and go. I Blade Furied and I Dragon Flighted all over the damn place because missiles were 80% of the damage we were taking. The Bloody Foothills doubled up on Burning Dead Archers (which my poor Shadow took repeated beatings in a lethal manner) and also featured Slingers, which meant I had to keep it loose and move often. There usual Act 5 monsters were absent except for a few places. Given that I was simply spreading arou…

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  • PsiSeveredHead

    The Diablo III beta launched on September 20th.

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  • Vorknkx

    My review of Hellfire.

    September 18, 2011 by Vorknkx

    Recently, I wrote a review on Hellfire for the MobyGames website.

    You can find it here - Hellfire Review

    I tried to put a little more emphasis on the expansion's good aspects, even though there are plenty of bad ones. I also tried ot make it as informative as possible.

    Enjoy :)

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  • Ausir

    For now, the Diablo III beta is only accessible to Blizzard employees and their families, so chances are that if you are reading this, you probably haven't been invited yet.

    However, the good thing about the beta is that, while not accessible to everyone yet, it is no longer under any NDA. Meaning that it's being freely broadcast over the Internet by some of the players. Here's a list of some of the places you can watch the game being played:

    • Diablo Fans (with list of streams)
    • Ustream
    • Twitch TV
    • Twitch TV

    Let us know if you know any other such places! And help us fill the wiki with all the new information.

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  • Wagnike2

    Ready for Diablo III to come out? Well you aren't the only one. Today, the latest news coming out is that the game will have a 4th difficulty mode. The mode will be entitled "." According to game director Jay Wilson, this mode is aimed at "players who have maxed out their character by reaching the level 60 player cap. Only then can they tackle Inferno difficulty, a challenge that will throw enemies at the player that are of even higher levels."

    The hope is that this new mode will encourage players to keep playing the game and taking on progressively larger challenges. This mode is meant to be a deterrent to the classical "Mephisto runs" or runs where players merely fight specific breeds.

    Of course with greater challenges, comes greater rewar…

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  • Breywood

    Well, I managed to snag a game with Dclone spawned, and my assassin took at him again. I say I lost because I died five times. On the other hand, I have learned plenty and I plan to put it to use for my next encounter with him.

    First: Hotkey my damn life tap wand!

    Second: Some more Fire Resistance.

    Third: Do not hesitate to break off sooner.

    Fourth: Dragon Flight is handy for evading his Firestorm.

    And I know my gear could be better, my point was to use trash and succeed. :)

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  • Fandyllic

    Activision Blizzard, the parent holding company of Blizzard Entertainment give some info about the Diablo III beta in its first quarterly earnings call in May 2011, so many folks were hoping for more definitive information about the actual release date in the earnings call for this second quarter. Assuming Blizzard is trying to keep up its string of quality releases of major titles, not committing to a date is not unusual, but for the many players who have been waiting long years for the release, the lack of guidance is disappointing.

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  • Drewvsbaal


    August 3, 2011 by Drewvsbaal

    hi there i have a level 83 Amazon in hell v1.13 how can i age up if so thanks

    by the way how do i get a armor with a defence more then 1000 thanks drew.

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  • Ausir

    Blizzard's Rob Pardo has announced that, similarly to StarCraft II unlike the previous games in the series, Diablo III will require players to always be online while playing the game. If you lose connection, you're back to the title screen. According to Pardo, the reason for it was that all characters are being stored on the servers, and this will allow Blizzard to authenticate all characters and their items, preventing cheating. Because of the integration of even the single player mode with, the game will also not allow any mods to be installed.

    As someone who is sometimes cut off from the Internet and would still like to play the single-player part of the game, this is not a welcome change for me.

    Another controversial…

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  • Fandyllic

    Blizzard Entertainment has put an official announcement on their corporate website. It includes a brief game overview and FAQ of both the Beta test and the new Auction House. All the information beyond basic signup and usage is pretty vague. Give it a read, but don't expect much in the way of exciting discoveries, especially if you have kept up on Diablo III news from other sources.

    • Blizzard Entertainment (US): Diablo III Beta Announcement
      • Beta: Overview
      • Beta: FAQ
      • Auction House: Overview
      • Auction House: FAQ
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  • Fandyllic

    Since a few World of Warcraft news sources like to include general Blizzard Entertainment news, I found out about Diablo stuff there too. I'll give a brief summary, but you should just go to the links below and read for yourself.

    Apparently, Diablo III will have both an auction house like World of Warcraft where players can buy and sell items with virtual currency (aka gold) and an auction house for players to buy and sell items with real world currency (like $US). It sounds like a crazy idea that is an extension of what alot of free-to-play games are already doing, but in this case Blizzard won't be selling any in-game goods for real money, but apparently taking some cut of the transactions. The real currency AH will also allow purchase of…

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  • Fandyllic

    According to a StarCraft 2 forum MVP on the Diablo III forum of the BlizzCon forums, the Beta will "go live" by September 30th. It isn't exactly clear what "go live" means, but it probably means an open beta since internal beta testing is likely already going on. The MVP appears to be taking part in playtesting at a press event happening around now, but with embargoed info. Official info about the beta will probably be out before the weekend, if this semi-leak is correct.

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  • Fandyllic

    After the discovery of beta box art on both the US and EU sites, people are sensing the beta test announcement may be imminent. MTV's multi-player game blog has a good theory that the beta is likely to be announced due to an info embargo by Blizzard Entertainment until August 1, 2011 for a "Diablo 3" beta press event to be held in late July. This is as good a theory as any, since we're all starved for good Diablo III info and updates and Blizzard has not opened a full site for Diablo yet.

    • 'Diablo 3' Beta Details Coming Your Way On August 1st, Posted 6/22/11 2:18 pm ET by Russ Frushtick
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  • Fandyllic
    Update September 23rd, 2011
    Diablo III Officially Ships Early 2012 By Medievaldragon – September 23, 2011
    'Nuff said.
    Update August 3rd, 2011
    It looks like at least Gamasutra is agreeing with me,

    Original post

    I'm not really known as a Diablo guy — being the main admin at WoWWiki, if you know me at all it is associated with Warcraft — but I love the franchise and I've been following it for a long time. I was saddened when Blizzard closed Blizzard North, because I knew that it meant either the death of the Diablo franchise or a long coma. Fortunately, it appears like the long coma was the final outcome, but the coma has been very long. There has not been a new Diablo game for 10 long years now. People make fun of Duke Nuk'em Forever, but Diablo I…

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  • Breywood

    So I decided to grind some on my kicksin after taking a break from doing runs with my summoner. Act 3 is certainly a challenge with my gear. I don't have Enigma, Chaos, Verdungoes, Bartuc's or Shadow Dancer. And I like it that way.

    The biggest challenge are the mobs. When I accidentally encounter a horde of fetishes, I'm usually hoping to have them tied up by my Shadow Master so I can deal with three or four at a time. And because she's only a level 10, it means that she's quite squishy and so it's recast it often. And my poor hireling. I'm thinking that I should change my style from the rogue to either a barbarian or a desert mercenary.

    I've got some planning to do in this regard. Even though I have the eye and the brain of Khalim, …

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  • Gleli

    Just waiting

    June 18, 2011 by Gleli

    It's been a while since Diablo 3 has been announced and they say that they're trying to get it out this year. Your oppinion (Whoever reads this), do you think it will come out this year?

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  • Breywood

    Kicksin: Act 2 Hell

    June 9, 2011 by Breywood

    Act 2 can be quite a pain if there's a lot of walking involved. In fact, most folks complain that Act 2 is simply the most horrible punishment designers can inflict on the human race, as most of these people usually skip straight to Travincal in Act 3, get someone else to kill Diablo and then follow Baal runs until they get banned for joining a new game every 45 seconds. But when I'm walking a new build, I find the experience to be just a part of learning to play. I wouldn't mind having to face a lot of trash mobs if it weren't for the fact that online, massive overload of bots have made the servers quite finnicky and you can be booted while you were unable to find the waypoint or you were in Coldworm's chamber and now you are unable to re…

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  • Breywood

    With the Ladders so short now, I'm limiting myself to two new builds a ladder. Aside from my builder, a Summoner Necromancer and a Frenzy Barbarian, I decided for the first time to play a kicksin. Yes, you read that right, my first.

    In normal, with some Cathan's pieces and a full Cleglaws set, she was a faceroll. Not familiar with the term? Just roll your face on the keyboard, she's that powerful. Andariel in less than twenty seconds. Mephisto in less than a minute. Baal in less than two. I used Burst of Speed, a single point in Cobra Strike and Dragon Talon and she literally blew through normal. Then again, I find with any melee character with a full Cleglaws can usually blow right through Normal.

    Ok, so Normal doesn't matter? Fin…

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  • Ausir

    During today's Activision Blizzard financial conference, Blizzard boss Michael Morhaime announced that the Diablo III beta will launch between July and September 2011. I'm sure many of you can't wait, and hopefully, some of us will get a chance of participating in the testing.

    However, Morhaime still hasn't announced any official release date for the game. "I want to be clear that we do not have an official release date or window yet," he said. However, the company is working hard on making the game ready for release this year.

    Source: Kotaku.

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  • CologneCerroneHoudini

    The male Demon Hunter was revealed to the public two days ago, after a brief teaser released at the end of January left fans speculating to what extent he would live up to rumors of a "sexy and mysterious" character, one to finally appeal to a male-attracted audience. The Male Demon Hunter marks the last class and gender variation in the Diablo III lineup, with the male and female versions of the , Witch Doctor, Wizard, and Monk already having been revealed.

    Read exclusive interviews regarding and see screenshots of the Male Demon Hunter here: [1]

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  • JoePlay

    A batch of screenshots from early development of Diablo III (allegedly from 2005) have been revealed by Kotaku. Featured are three areas named Angelic Lands, Heaven, and Keep. Not surprisingly, the images show a much different tone and style from the iteration of the game that we'll eventually be playing.

    Check out all 17 screenshots below:

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  • DA WarM

    Rune Drops

    January 31, 2011 by DA WarM

    Is it me or low level runes are far less common?

    I'm playing a level 60 Barb in Act V Nightmare and lately, I've only found runes Tal and up.

    I have found a Lem, Um, Io, Dol, 5 Sols.

    I'm trying to make the Passion runeword in a 4 socket Executionner Sword and I'm missing only a Eld.

    It can't seem to drop. Do I have to do Normal Countess runs or what?

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