"Though I have searched every corner of the Great Library of Caldeum, I can find no references to the true fate of the Blood Clan khazra. Some crumbling papers hint that they made a pact to serve the mythical Lesser Evils, but surely such a thing cannot be considered proper scholarship...can it?"

Abd al-Hazir(src)

A member of the Blood Clan

The Blood Clan is one of the khazra tribes. Khazra of this clan become fierce at first blood.[1]

In 1264, the Blood Clan were found in Khanduras.[2] According to rumor, they later made a pact to serve the Lesser Evils. This apparently held true, as they were seen among the ranks of Azmodan's Army of Sin in the Siege of Bastion's Keep, their appearance twisted.[3]


Diablo IIEdit

Main article: Goatman#Diablo II

Blood Clan khazra make their first appearance in Act I of Diablo II.

Diablo IIIEdit

Main article: Goatman#Diablo III

Blood Clan khazra reappear in Act III of Diablo III.

Known MembersEdit



A Blood Clan Mauler




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