For the Diablo III enemy type, see Blood Hawk (Diablo III).

These animals swoop down from the air to attack their prey. They often travel in flocks and are found near their nests. It is best to destroy their nests to prevent more of these pestering monsters from spawning. They are widely distributed in the lands of Sanctuary, and can be found in the Western Kingdoms, the deserts of Aranoch, and the jungles of Kurast.

There are four different versions of the Bloodhawk:

On Hell difficulty, Foul Crows, Blood Hawks, and Black Raptors have immunities to Poison. Cloud Stalkers have immunities to Cold. Though they are weak, they can charge players at an incredible speed. If multiple Hawks charge at the same time, the results could be catastrophic.


Spawned from nests that have infested the wildernesses, these winged monsters assail passersby with quick swooping attacks. They retreat quickly after an attack, and a flock of them can be difficult to eliminate if the nest is not dealt with hastily. Both Foul Crows and Black Raptors have been spied in the regions of Entsteig.

Blood Hawks