Blood Hawks construct these large nests out of the remains of their prey. Occasionally, the nests seem to regurgitate a Blood Hawk.

It is best to destroy all of these nests lest all the Blood Hawks from within them fly out. Many of these nests are found near the Blood Hawks themselves. It can withstand a large amount of climates, including the scorching heat of the deserts of Aranoch and can absorb a large amount of damage before falling.

There are two other variants of the Blood hawk Nest:

Blood Hawk Nests do not possess any immunities on Hell difficulty.


Bloodhawks construct nests of wattle and the regurgitated flesh and fur of their victims. These unclean and thoroughly disgusting habitations not only serve as a resting place for the vicious creatures, but can nourish them when hunting is scarce. The quick thinking adventurer can make life much easier by destroying these nests before all of the Bloodhawks contained within can fly forth.

Blood Hawk Nest