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Blood Raven's Charge is a unique Matriarchal Bow exclusive to Amazons.

With good strength and a fairly good boost to Bow and Crossbow Skills, Blood Raven's Charge is a safe choice for Amazons that specialize in bows, although Lycander's Aim may provide a slightly greater skill boost. However, its ability to use Revive may be useful for the Amazon so that she can summon a small army of the dead while she fires volleys of arrows from afar.


D2-u-Blood raven's charge

Blood Raven's Charge
Matriarchal Bow

Two-Hand Damage: (56-66) to (131-155)
Required Level: 71
Required Strength: 87
Required Dexterity: 187
(Amazon Only)
Bow Class - Fast Attack Speed
+180-230% Enhanced Damage
200-300% Bonus To Attack Rating
Fires Explosive Arrows Or Bolts [Level 13]
Level 5 Revive (30 charges)
+2-4 To Bow and Crossbow Skills (Amazon Only)


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