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For the Witch Doctor skill, see Blood Ritual.
Blood Ritual

Cost: 10 Life

Sacrifices Life to regain Mana.

Damage Type: Physical

Blood Ritual was a spell in demo version of Diablo I. In the released game, it was cut.

General InformationEdit

Blood Ritual, when cast, would drain 10 Life from the character (bypassing all forms of protection), but instantly refill Mana.

It used the same sound and cast-animation as Healing.


  • 10 Life per cast (static)
  • Gain Mana: 8 + Spell Level

The spell was cut because, Mana bonus being higher than the health cost, it could be used together with Healing to give a character infinite life and mana when not in combat.

The icon was later reused in Diablo II for the Slow Missiles Amazon Skill.

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