Bloody Foothills

Bloody Foothills

Bloody Foothills
Act Act V
Quests Siege on Harrogath
Monsters Enslaved, Death Mauler, Catapult
Adjacent Zones Harrogath, Frigid Highlands
Area Level Normal 24
Area Level Nightmare 58
Area Level Hell 80
Waypoint No

The Bloody Foothills are the first players encounter outside of Harrogath. They're also the location of Act V's first quest, to defeat Shenk the Overseer. It hosts the first enemies players will should encounter in the act, notably Enslaved and Death Maulers. The area is also filled with Barbarians, fighting their way towards Shenk, who can lend a hand, although not overwhelmingly strong they are useful as meat shields for low level characters, though if you find this area difficult you may wish to level up.

Often this area is skipped entirely online, usually a player will be given a town portal to the Frigid Highlands waypoint, where they can quickly backtrack and defeat Shenk to complete the first quest.

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