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Bone Gasher (Diablo I)

A Bone Gasher

Bone Gashers are a variant of Scavenger. Fearing little, Bone Gashers are emboldened by numbers, and routinely descend en masse against their prey, even in full daylight. The only way to disperse the pack is to kill every last one of them.[1]


Bone Gashers are the most powerful version of the Scavenger. They can be found in the deepest recesses of the labyrinth. Armed with a deadly attack and a natural resistance to magic, these cunning critters can prove to be annoying foes.


  • Resistance: Magic
  • Immunity: No immunities.
  • Hit Points: 14-20
  • Damage: 5-15


  1. The Awakening
VariantsScavengerPlague EaterShadow BeastBone Gasher

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