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Born's Searing Spite (previously Born's Seething Rage) is a Sword piece of the Born's Defiance crafted set in Diablo III.

It requires character level 21 to be equipped. The level 70 equivalent is Born's Furious Wrath.

This sword has a guaranteed Critical Hit Chance bonus, which is normally not allowed on a weapon.

Stats (Level 21)Edit

Born's Searing Spite

Born's Searing Spite
Set Sword


  • 51.2–55.3 Damage Per Second
    • (26–28)–(47–51) Damage
    • 1.40 Attacks per Second
  • +(11–13)–(14–17) Lightning Damage
  • +3–4% Damage
  • Critical Hit Chance Increased by 1.0–2.0%
  • +3 Random Magic Properties

Set Bonuses:

Born often carried the day on nothing more than his unrelenting fury.


Born's Searing Spite can be crafted using the Plan: Born's Defiance, 7000 gold, 15 Reusable Parts, 15 Arcane Dust and 10 Veiled Crystals.

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