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"Bows are ancient hunting weapons intended to propel projectiles further and faster than the human arm. They’re possessed of solid killing power, and commonly fire faster than more complex ranged weapons, like crossbows."

- Game Guide(src)

Bows are one of the classes of two-handed Ranged Weapons in the Diablo series games, favored by the Rogues, who are playable in Diablo I, and appear as Hirelings in Diablo II, as well as by Amazons in Diablo II and Demon Hunters in Diablo III. While other classes may use Bows as well, these three are ones to make most use of them.

Bows were the only type of ranged weapons in the original Diablo I. So a player who prefers doing damage from range would have to play using Bows. This was not a problem then when using Bows did not require Arrows. The scenario changed after Diablo II, when new types of Ranged Weapons were introduced.

Bows have been used by many classes as their primary Ranged Weapon. Players who prefer a higher Attack Speed and accuracy but doing a small amount of damage opt for Bows instead of Crossbows.

One of the main differences in bows between Diablo II and Diablo I / Diablo III is the fact that Diablo II bows require ammunition (save for bows equipped on a hireling), while in other games arrows are limitless and non-existent as items.

One of the most famous weapons in the Diablo universe is the Windforce Bow, which appears in all three games.

Diablo IEdit

Bows in Diablo I have unlimited arrows, and serve as primary weapon of the Rogue, who shoots bows with triple firing speed. Some monsters use bows too.

Diablo I Bows
Short BowLong BowHunter's BowComposite BowShort Battle BowLong Battle BowShort War BowLong War Bow
Diablo I Unique Bows
Diablo I Unique Bows — The Needler (Crossbow) • The Rift Bow (Short Bow) • The Blackoak Bow (Long Bow) • Fleshstinger (Long Bow) • Flame Dart (Hunter's Bow) • Bow of the Dead (Composite Bow) • The Celestial Bow (Composite Bow) • Deadly Hunter (Composite Bow) • Eaglehorn (Long Battle Bow) • Windforce (Long War Bow)
Hellfire Unique Bows — Blitzen (Composite Bow) • Flambeau (Composite Bow) • Gnatsting (Hunter's Bow)

Diablo IIEdit

In Diablo II, bows are an alternate (faster, but less potent) choice to crossbows. Amazons specializing in ranged combat are typically using bows. Many of their skills in that specialty require a ranged weapon to be equipped.

Bows use Arrows to fire, one per shot.

Amazons also have their own types of bows, which other classes may not use (see Amazon Weapons.
Diablo II Bows
Normal BowsShort BowHunter's BowLong BowComposite BowShort Battle BowLong Battle BowShort War BowLong War Bow

Exceptional BowsEdge BowRazor BowCedar BowDouble BowShort Siege BowLong Siege BowRune BowGothic Bow

Elite BowsSpider BowBlade BowShadow BowGreat BowDiamond BowCrusader BowWard BowHydra Bow
Diablo II Unique Bows
Normal Bows — Pluckeye (Short Bow) • Witherstring (Hunter's Bow) • Raven Claw (Long Bow) • Rogue's Bow (Composite Bow) • Stormstrike (Short Battle Bow) • Wizendraw (Long Battle Bow) • Hellclap (Short War Bow) • Blastbark (Long War Bow)
Exceptional Bows — Skystrike (Edge Bow) • Riphook (Razor Bow) • Kuko Shakaku (Cedar Bow) • Endlesshail (Double Bow) • Witchwild String (Short Siege Bow) • Cliffkiller (Long Siege Bow) • Magewrath (Rune Bow) • Goldstrike Arch (Gothic Bow)
Elite Bows — Eaglehorn (Crusader Bow) • Widowmaker (Ward Bow) • Windforce (Hydra Bow)

Diablo IIIEdit

In Diablo III, bows are mostly used by Demon Hunters, whose skills often require a ranged weapon to be equipped. Bows do not require ammunition, but can be paired with quivers. Bows are second only to Hand Crossbows in firing speed. Melee classes may not use Bows, but can equip Scoundrel with them.

As of Patch 2.1, all bows drop with Dexterity bonus only.
Normal Bows
Short BowWarden BowLong BowRecurve BowHunting BowBattle BowSiege BowMarukiYumiComposite BowDaikyuHankyuHigoyumiRanger BowLongshot BowSniper BowPhantom BowRevenant BowTwinbowDoubleshot
Legendary Bows
UskangLongshotEtrayuThe Raven's WingKridershotCluckeyeWindforceVenomhuskSydyru CrustUnbound BoltLeonine Bow of Hashir
Seasonal: Odyssey's End
Crafted Bows
Apprentice Warden BowLongshotAdept Hunting BowGrand Master Siege BowMagnificent HigoyumiGlorious Sniper BowVenomhuskExalted Phantom BowExalted Fine Phantom BowExalted Grand Phantom BowExquisite Twin BowSovereign DoubleshotSydyru CrustUnbound Bolt

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