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Bows are one of the Ranged Weapons in the Diablo series games, favored by both the Rogues, who are playable in Diablo I, and appear as Hirelings in Diablo II and by Amazons in Diablo II.

Bows were the only type of Ranged Weapon in the original Diablo I. So a player who prefers doing damage from range would have to play using Bows. This was not a problem then when using Bows did not require Arrows. The scenario changed after Diablo II, when new types of Ranged Weapons were introduced.

Bows have been used by many classes as their primary Ranged Weapon. Players who prefer a higher Attack Speed and accuracy but doing a small amount of damage opt for Bows instead of Crossbows.

One of the main differences in bows between the two games is the fact that bows require ammunition (save for bows equipped on a hireling), as opposed to the original Diablo, where arrows were limitless and non-existent as items.

One of the most famous weapons in the Diablo universe is the Windforce Bow.

Diablo I Bows
Short BowLong BowHunter's BowComposite BowShort Battle BowLong Battle BowShort War BowLong War Bow
Diablo II Bows
Normal BowsShort BowHunter's BowLong BowComposite BowShort Battle BowLong Battle BowShort War BowLong War Bow

Exceptional BowsEdge BowRazor BowCedar BowDouble BowShort Siege BowLong Siege BowRune BowGothic Bow

Elite BowsSpider BowBlade BowShadow BowGreat BowDiamond BowCrusader BowWard BowHydra Bow
Amazon WeaponsAxesBowsCrossbowsDaggersJavelinsKatarsMacesOrbsPolearmsSceptersSpearsStavesSwordsThrowing WeaponsWands
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