Brothers in Arms
Author(s)Scott Brick
PublisherBlizzard Entertainment
PublishedMay 16, 2014

Brothers in Arms is a Diablo short story. It details the backstory of Mikulov.


In Diablo III: The Order and Diablo III: Storm of Light, Mikulov proved himself to be a monk of unwavering courage. Yet he was not always the stuff of legend. "Brothers in Arms" depicts Mikulov in his formative initiate years, a time when his future as a monk of Ivgorod was anything but certain. This new addition to Diablo lore, written by award-winning audiobook narrator Scott Brick, is available now in the Game Guide![1]





  1. 2014-05-16, New Short Story: "Brothers in Arms". Blizzard Entertainment, accessed on 2016-10-10

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Brothers in Arms

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