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Title The Immortal King
Gender Male
Race Nephalem
Ethnicity Barbarian
Affiliation Barbarians
Occupation Barbarian king
Relatives Vasily (brother, according to some sources)
Status Deceased
Appearances Diablo II (mentioned only)
Diablo III (mentioned only)
Scales of the Serpent
Book of Cain

Bul-Kathos, the Immortal King, was a great and ancient Barbarian king who organised the Barbarian tribes.



Bul-Kathos was born as part of the first generation of nephalem, in later times referred to as the Ancients. These nephalem wandered the world and adopted numerous philosophies as they spread across it.[1] Bul-Kathos observed as due to Inarius's meddling with the Worldstone how subsequent nephalem generations became weaker and weaker, eventually becoming the race of humanity.[2]

The VigilEdit

Sharing a strong bond with Vasily (a brother or close confidant, depending on source), the pair shared the secrets of the Ancients of the mysteries below the peaks of Mt. Arreat, of the venerated task put to their people to protect those mysteries, and of the prophecies regarding the dark times ahead. They both agreed that, in order to fulfill their sacred trust, their people must devote themselves to nothing save that charge. However, they disagreed on exactly how the people could best do this. Bul-Kathos believed that only by bringing the tribes together and training them in strict martial discipline could the tribes faithfully concentrate on their goal for generations to come. Vasily, on the other hand, believed that only through obtaining a spiritual oneness with the land they had sworn to protect could the people truly appreciate the importance of their role. Both agreed the other's philosophy had merit, and so around the time Bul-Kathos united the tribes, Vasily gathered together a small group consisting of the tribes' greatest warrior-poets and shamans and mysteriously retreated into the forests surrounding the area known as Scosglen.[3]

At some point Bul-Kathos did something to himself that allowed him to linger in spirit form.[2]

The Sin WarEdit

"No, little Uldyssian ul-Diomed! Ha! Such a...long name for my...dry throat! I am no servant of...the dour one...I Kathos..."
—Bul-Kathos after being awoken.[2]

In the last days of the Sin War, Uldyssian ul-Diomed awoke Bul-Kathos outside Mount Arreat. Bul-Kathos asked Uldyssian whether he knew the names of Vasily and Esu. He became slightly more subdued upon witnessing Uldyssian's ignorance, realizing that a thousand years or more had past since he'd slumbered. He told Uldyssian that Mount Arreat was not his destination, which made the nephalem all the more determined to go there. The two came to blows, though their fight was broken up by Rathma, who informed him that he intended to take Uldyssian into the mountain. Bul-Kathos protested, but Rathma informed him that Lilith had returned to Sanctuary. In an instant, the Barbarian's demeanor changed, and he granted them passage.[2]

The HydraEdit

Centuries ago, Bul-Kathos defeated the first Hydra. The great serpent was said to spawn two heads for every one that was severed. In order to defeat it, Bul-Kathos supposedly pitched the beast into a roaring bonfire, wresting the fang loose in the process. The fang was later fashioned into a wand.[4]


Bul-Kathos is treated as a deity by the Barbarians. They believed his spirit resided within Mount Arreat as part of a last line of defense for any of those who would threaten the Worldstone.[1]

The term "Immortal King" was also given to the Barbarian Worusk, for his unification of the tribes mirrored Bul-Kathos's historical deed.[5]


Various in-game items are named after Bul-Kathos. These include Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band, and the Bul-Kathos' Children set.

Personality and TraitsEdit

"I am not the master of the elements that Esu was, young fool, but Bul-Kathos wields much might of his own!"
"And speaks about it even more!"
—Bul-Kathos and Uldyssian while in combat

Bul-Kathos valued martial discipline.[3] He demonstrated a dry sense of humor, and had a particular dislike for the nephalem Esu and those like her.[2] He was (and is) renowned for his immense strength, size, bravery, and fortitude.[1]

Bul-Kathos was physically imposing, though when Uldyssian observed him his physical appearence and size shifted. One moment his skin was brown like the soil, and his hair the color of green grass. The next he wore a kilt and sandals with a golden band around his head.[2]


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