Captain Tiberius was the chief of the Seram Guard,like his father before him. Tiberius is briefly mentioned in the novel Birthright, the first novel in Richard A. Knaak's Sin War Trilogy.

Tiberius was a beefy man, and proficient at wrestling: Uldyssian usually lost when wrestling with him on festive occasions. Being the captain of the Guard in a small and usually peaceful village, Tiberius rarely had to carry his sword (save for festive occasions such as festivals). The only other occasion when Tiberius had to wear his sword was when a murder had taken place, and the last murder Seram had known had taken place five years prior to the events of Birthright.

When Uldyssian conjured a magical storm many of Seram's inahbitants were injured or killed. Tiberius himself was only wounded.

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