"I was able to trace some carrion bats back to one of their nests. What I found shocked me! The nest itself is a living organism, a mature bat that has been mutated by the darkest of magics. I no longer doubt that demonic forces have corrupted these creatures."

Deckard Cain(src)

A Carrion Nest

The Carrion Nest is an enemy type in Diablo III. They can be found in fields and dungeons of Act I, and in sewers of Act II. They are large creatures that spawn Carrion Bats. Seemingly, the concept was inspired by the Blood Hawk Nests from Diablo II.

Appearance and BehaviorEdit

As the lorebook says, Bat Nests are not really nests but rather bats themselves having been transformed into a half-plant, half-corpse abomination, with a wide open fanged mouth and a large yellow eye in its back, along with atrophied wings.



Original artwork

Bat Nests, also labeled Carrion Nests, Blood Nests, Plagued and Cursed Nests, all spawn the corresponding bat species. Nests are classified as Animals/Beasts. They are immobile and may not attack, but quickly spawn more Carrion Bats every few seconds until destroyed. Several nests at once may prove to be a challenge, as the nests themselves are quite durable and quickly outnumber any player who did not take care of the area damage skills.


In the Fields of Misery, a Beleaguered Farmer can be found in a randomly generated area labeled Forsaken Grounds. He claims his land has been overridden by demonspawn, the event consists of destroying the four Carrion Nests and killing the unique bat. Completing this event will earn you the Carrion Farm achievement.

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