"We don't want a repeat of the Cartolus Insurrection."

General Torion(src)

The Cartolus Insurrection was an uprising within Westmarch that turned into a civil war. It occurred sometime during the 13th century.[1]



The origins of the insurrection lie with the death of Korelan, grandson of Rakkis. As Korelan had died without producing any heirs, kingship of Westmarch passed to Justinian I, through what Abd al-Hazir would describe generations later as "a somewhat convoluted interpretation of Zakarum scripture." So began the Justinian Dynasty. However, many saw the Justinians as usurpers, and they suffered nearly constant challenges to their rule. Finally, during the reign of Justinian III, a full-fledged insurrection broke out in the outlying region of Cartolus. Led by a woman known only as Tyrra, who claimed to be descended from the Sons of Rakkis, the uprising was immediately seen as a war of the common man against the nobles and their Zakarum strictures.[2]

Course of the WarEdit

Countess Julia attempted to put down the insurrection with her own personal guard, in an attempt to impress Justinian III. The effort failed miserably, as her guard was slaughtered and the uprising spread. Only the countess's enchanted cameo enabled her to survive this folly. It did not save her life, however, as King Justinian was so displeased, he had her tortured and then executed.[3]

The uprising reached its head when the peasants managed to storm Westmarch's royal palace. The peasants grabbed anything they could find, and killed the more oppressive members of the royal retinue (including the executioners).[4] Tyrra seized control of Westmarch and declared herself empress. However, her rule did nothing to quell the civil war and continued on until she was driven mad and killed by the plague. Cornelius, grandson of Justinian III and a Zakarum lacky, used the opening to crush the rebels once and for all and become the new king.[2]

Aftermath and LegacyEdit

The legacy of the insurrection was felt long after its end. With Cornelius's death, and the passing on of the crown to Justinian IV, General Torion was wary of a repeat of the insurrection, given the lack of support for the youth.[5] The history of the insurrection was later chronicled by Abd al-Hazir in The History of Westmarch, at some point after Justinian IV's ascension to the throne.[2]

In 1285, as the Reapers lay waste to Westmarch, history repeated itself once again. Lord Wynton, a descendant of Korelan through his grandmother, had long been an aggravator against the crown. As the Reapers butchered their people, Wynton killed Justinian, only to be struck down by the Nephalem immediately afterwards.[6]


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