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Chance Guards are unique gloves. Its boost to both gold and magic find make Chance Guards impressive for treasure hunting, but otherwise they provide small other bonuses.



Chance Guards
Chain Gloves

Defense: 27-28
Required Level: 15
Required Strength: 25
Durability: 16
+20-30% Enhanced Defense
+15 Defense
+25 To Attack Rating
25-40% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
200% Extra Gold From Monsters
+2 To Light Radius

Unique Gloves
Normal Gloves — The Hand of Broc (Leather Gloves) • Bloodfist (Heavy Gloves) • Chance Guards (Chain Gloves) • Magefist (Light Gauntlets) • Frostburn (Gauntlets)
Exceptional Gloves — Venom Grip (Demonhide Gloves) • Gravepalm (Sharkskin Gloves) • Ghoulhide (Heavy Bracers) • Lava Gout (Battle Gauntlets) • Hellmouth (War Gauntlets)
Elite Gloves — Dracul's Grasp (Vampirebone Gloves) • Soul Drainer (Vambraces) • Steelrend (Ogre Gauntlets)

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