Chantodo's Resolve (Chantodo's Return pre-Reaper of Souls) is a Wizard-only minor class set in Diablo III.

This set is named for Chantodo, an archmage. It requires a character level of 60.


The set consists of just two items, both of which are required to complete the set. Both pieces are Wizard-only.

Set Bonus (2 pieces):

  • For every damaging cast outside Archon form, the Wizard gains an additional stack of Wave of Destruction (starting with one), stacking up to 20 times. When in Archon form, expends all Wave of Destruction stacks, dealing 350% damage per stack to all enemies within 30 yards per tick for the entire duration. When Archon form fades, reduces the number of stacks to one.

Channeled spells add one stack with every tick of damage.

The amount of enemies hit, the exact ability used, and the Proc Coefficient do not matter as long as spell hits at least one enemy or destuctible object: each cast adds exactly one stack. Only actual spell casts count: other sources of damage will not add stacks. In return, once added, stacks do not decrease over time, only being reset if the Wizard casts Archon or dies. Even non-damaging spells that hit an enemy (i.e. Frost Nova) will add a stack.

Damage of Wave of Destruction is calculated per stack, so with all 20 stacks, the Wizard will deliver 7000% damage per tick for all 20 seconds of Archon form.

Elemental Damage type matches the one currently used by Archon form.


Tome This page contains obsolete content
This article contains information that is no longer relevant to gameplay, but is kept here for informational purposes.

Old Pre-2.3 Set Bonus (2 pieces):

  • +250 Intelligence
  • Reduces damage from elites by 10%
  • Force shields will heal the Wizard for 25% of remaining amount when they expire.

The shields include those created by Magic Weapon (Deflection), Spectral Blade (Barrier Blades), Dominance and Galvanizing Ward skills. Diamond Skin and shields given by other classes will not benefit from this effect.

Chantodo's Resolve
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