Chantodo's Will is a Wand piece of the Chantodo's Resolve set in Diablo III. It requires character level 60 to drop.

Prior to patch 2.1, this wand was notable for providing guaranteed Attack speed bonus and reduction to Arcane Power cost of skills.

Stats (Level 60)Edit

Chantodo's Will

Chantodo's Will
Set Wand


  • 235.2 Damage Per Second
    • 118–218 Damage
    • 1.40 Attacks per Second
  • +330–524 Intelligence
  • One of 7 Magic Properties (varies):
  • +4 Random Magic Properties

Set Bonuses:

  • Every time the Wizard hits with an attack while not in Archon form, 350% damage is added to the Wave of Destruction, stacking up to 20 times. (2 pieces)
  • Every second while in Archon form expels a Wave of Destruction, dealing 350% damage to enemies within 30 yards per stack (2 pieces)
When the demons walk this world once again, so shall the power of the archmage Chantodo.

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