Chaos sancutary

Chaos Sanctuary

Chaos Sanctuary
Act Act IV
Quests Terror's End
Monsters Doom Knight, Oblivion Knight, Storm Caster, Venom Lord
Adjacent Zones River of Flame
Area Level Normal 28
Area Level Nightmare 58
Area Level Hell 85
Waypoint No

"Proceed, hero, into Terror's lair. Know that Diablo's innermost sanctum is hidden by five seals. Only by opening each of these seals can you clear your way to the final battle." -- Hadriel

The Chaos Sanctuary, also referred to as Terror's lair by Hadriel, is the unholy cathedral of the Lord of Terror himself. Inside the Sanctuary, Diablo rules the Burning Hells from its innermost sanctum, a special seal located in the middle of the Sanctuary. This sanctum is hidden by five additional seals however, and the Sanctuary itself is filled with numerous elite hellspawned demons.

Adventurers attempting to brave the horrors of the Sanctuary are warned - they must best endless waves of demons, and the nearest waypoint is found in the River of Flame, a barrier that divides the Sanctuary from the City of the Damned in the same way that the Plains of Despair divide the City from the Outer Steppes of the Pandemonium Fortress.

Breaching the SanctuaryEdit

In Diablo II, players who seek to destroy Diablo must enter his Sanctuary and open all five seals in order to clear their way to the final battle.

Three of the five seals release a super unique monster with a group of boosted minions. These are:

Breaking the last seal while all the super uniques are slain will kill off the rest and summon Diablo.

Patch 1.10 also granted the Chaos Sanctuary status as a level 85 drop zone on Hell, so if you are doing Diablo runs, clearing out the monsters might prove beneficial. The Sanctuary is well known for housing some tough enemies. Before the 1.13c patch, oblivion knights had the Iron Maiden curse, giving melee characters a serious disadvantage. In patch 1.13c, the curse was removed from oblivion knights (not just those in the chaos sanctuary). Be wary that even without Iron maiden these knights are strong and may come in a large pack (even in normal difficulty) sometimes composed of 6-8 knights and a group of Abyss knights, don't forget to re-stock potions when needed.

This area is also known to hand out one-hit kills even to players with very high health values on Nightmare and Hell difficulties. This may be due to a glitch in the game that allows all of the player's health to be drained to zero with one hit, thus killing the player. This is considered highly annoying, especially on higher difficulty levels where you lose experience points. Bring lots of Scroll of Town Portal and cast them before coming into the area again, thus saving the player a long run from the River of Flame waypoint.

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